Most Distant Known Ancestor profiles - Lineage II

Lineage II represents the North Tipperary Gleeson branch. It is a particularly difficult branch to work with as most people's pedigrees stop in the early 1800s (due to the lack of Irish records before this). In order to facilitate collaborative research among the members of this group, we ask everyone who joins the project to provide information about their Gleeson pedigree (for our Patriarch Page) and also about their Most Distant Known Ancestor (MDKA) i.e. their Gleeson Brick Wall. This latter information is known as an MDKA Profile.

What is an MDKA Profile?

The idea behind these MDKA profiles is to allow people to compare their MDKA data with that of other group members and to identify Markers of Possible Relatedness (MPRs) between MDKAs. The theory is that the more Markers of Possible Relatedness that your MDKA shares with another person's MDKA, then the more probable that your two MDKAs are closely related. Compiling this information for all project members and then sharing this information will allow comparison with the information that other researchers have for their own MDKA. Providing this information will help collaboration with other researchers and will hopefully allow you to break through that Brick Wall in your own Gleason/Gleeson ancestry. And to have all the relevant information summarised on one page makes this process a lot easier.

Each MDKA Profile starts off with an executive summary of the key information followed by a more comprehensive account of each piece of information as well as the sources and records that support it. Ideally there will be links to digital copies of the original records so anyone can double-check and confirm the information provided. To see an example of one, click here for my MDKA Profile.

What is a Marker of Possible Relatedness (MPR)?

Examples of MPRs between any two MDKAs include those listed below. You will note that these are a mixture of genetic markers and markers based on traditional genealogy information.
  • having the same surname (or surname variant)
  • born in the same location
  • having the same religion or occupation
  • having similar family forenames (e.g. Christian names of children and grandchildren)
  • having the same family nickname
  • having a close Genetic Distance (e.g. 0-4/37)
  • having a TiP score >80%
  • sharing rare marker values
  • having consistent (or the same) terminal SNP markers
  • and there are probably other markers too ...

Providing your MDKA data

I will work with you to create your MDKA profile and to provide appropriate links to the relevant sources and records. First of all, please supply the following information regarding your MDKA. If you don't know a particular piece of information, just leave it blank for now or put in your best guess with a question mark before it to indicate that you are not sure about this information:

  • Name of MDKA:
  • Family nickname/agnomen:
  • Date & location of birth:
  • Date & location of death:
  • Residence(s) - based on birth, baptism, & marriage records:
  • Occupation:
  • Other family occupations:
  • Religion:
  • Wife's name:
  • Date & location of wife's birth:
  • Date & location of wife's death:
  • When & where married:
  • Sponsors at wedding:
  • Order of children's birth:
  • Possible name of father & mother (based on naming convention):
  • Sponsors at children' baptisms (numbered, and in order of children's birth):
  • DNA kit number(s):
  • Project ID number(s):
  • DNA tests taken:
  • Terminal Y-SNP sequence (Admin will complete this):
  • Closest match(es) ID No (with Genetic Distance in brackets):
  • Place on the Lineage II tree (Admin will complete this):

Then for each piece of information provide a rationale or justification that supports the data. See my MDKA Profile for an example of how to do this.

Always quote your sources. Please include sources as numbered footnotes, and if possible include a link to a digital image of the original record. In this way other researchers can double-check your research and confirm its validity. This helps them avoid chasing red herrings and going on wild goose chases. Also, please indicate clearly if you are making an educated guess as to a particular piece of information. Such guesses often turn out to be correct but sometimes they do not, so it is important to clearly indicate what information within your MDKA Profile is based on supposition. Any data that is not referenced or supported by adequate sources should be treated with caution.

MDKA Profiles for Lineage II

Click on any View button below to view that particular profile. Each line contains three pieces of information:
  • the ID no. - this is the number assigned to each member of the project by Judy and is visible on the WFN Results Page here ...
  • the Kit number - this is the kit number assigned by FTDNA and is also visible on the WFN Results page and the FTDNA Results page.
  • MDKA name - this is the name of the Most Distant Known Ancestor (as supplied by the member who has been tested)

James Gleeson b c1847 Garryard, Silvermines,Tipperary
James Gleeson b c1798 Garryard, Silvermines or Nenagh, Tipperary
Michael Gleeson b 1775 Erinagh, Silvermines, Tipperary
Martin Gleason b c1836 Ireland
John Gleeson b c1815 Lisgoriff?, Tipperary
William (Wiley) Glisson b 1816 Georgia d 1887 Decatur Co GA
Benjamin J. Little, NPE, b. 28 Aug 1889, CA
Benjamin J. Little, NPE, b. 28 Aug 1889, CA
James Gleason m 1795 Dorchester, Massachusetts
Thomas Gleeson, lived mid to late 1800s
Thomas Gleeson b1790 Tipperary, Ireland d 1839 London, Ontario
Thomas Gleeson b1790 Tipperary, Ireland d 1839 London, Ontario
Thomas Gleeson b1790 Tipperary, Ireland d 1839 London, Ontario

Maurice Gleeson
Nov 2015

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