How to Upgrade your Test

A Y-DNA-37 test is the minimum recommended for genealogical research. If you wish to upgrade from 12 or 25 markers to 37 markers or higher, just click on the blue Upgrade button on your FTDNA Homepage and then click on the appropriate Upgrade Price button on the right and follow the instructions ($99 for upgrading to Y-DNA-37 from Y-DNA-12).

You can also upgrade to 67 or 111 markers. If you belong to Gleeson Lineage II (the North Tipperary Gleeson group), this can help better place you on the Mutation History Tree for this particular subgroup. It may also be advisable in certain specific circumstances but please seek advice from either of the Admins (emails here) if you are thinking about doing so, because there are new tests becoming available all the time (in particular, SNP testing) and some of these new tests may be more informative for you than an upgrade to 67 or 111 markers.

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