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This page attempts to list the Ancestral Gleason Lines of everyone in the DNA project who is currently researching their Gleason/Gleeson ancestry. Each pedigree goes back to the earliest known Gleason ancestor in the researcher's family tree. This may either be a Gleason Patriarch or a Gleason Matriarch.

Please post what you know about your Gleason/Gleeson pedigree in the comments section below using the following format and going all the way down to you. If you have had a DNA test, please include the kit number should you choose, and your email address for contact:
1) James GLEESON b c1835 Ardagh, Co.Longford, d 12 Nov 1879 Keenagh, Co. Longford, m 13 Apr 1860 Maria COYLE, Keenagh, Co. Longford
2) Mortimer GLEESON b 1861 etc ... (birth, death, marriage details)
3) Abigail GLEESON b 1890 ... (as above)
4) Francis GLEESON b 1914 … as above, but not including dates for a) births <100 years ago, b) marriages <75 years ago, or c) deaths <50 years ago
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  • no marriage dates if less than 75 years 
  • no death dates if less then 50 years 
  • no living people (but you can use initials, or "father" / "grandmother" / "me" etc if you wish) 

If you are researching your Gleason line, you should search for your earliest Gleason ancestor below to see if someone is already researching your particular line. The Researcher's name or email address is included in many pedigrees in case you want to contact them. As this is a public forum, email addresses should have the @ sign removed, and more recent generations are included at the Researcher's discretion.

Please note that the previous Patriarchs Page on is no longer functioning as the website closed down in June 2018. However, the pages from that website have been saved and the information that was on the Patriarchs Page has been copied and pasted below. Note that the red G numbers below refer to specific ID numbers that we use in the project as a shorthand to identify those project members who have done a Y-DNA test (rather than using their entire FTDNA kit number).

Lineage I

Lineage I pedigrees are maintained by Project Administrator Judy Gleason Claassen on a new dedicated website here ... All Lineage I Gleason's are encouraged to explore the new website and liaise directly with Judy about the genealogy of their specific line of descent from Thomas Gleson d 1610 Cockfield, Suffolk, England; m Anne Armesby [source: NEHGS Register, Jan 2014]

Lineage II 

Matthew Clesson b c1651 Ireland; d 1716 Deerfield, Massachusetts; m (1) 1670 Mary Phelps+ (2) 1701 Susannah Hodge– [rick AT]
Capt. Joseph Clesson b 1674 Northampton, MA; d 1753 Lake George, New York; m abt 1704 Hannah Arms
Lt. Matthew Clesson b 1713 Deerfield, MA; d1756 Deerfield, MA; m 1743 Abigail Hoyt
4 Joseph Clesson b 1756 Deerfield, MA; d1816 Deerfield, MA; m 1783 Abigail Seekins
5 Joseph Clesson b 1791 Deerfield, MA; d aft 1850 Peoria, Illinois; m 1814 Mehitable Stebbins
6 Jarvis S Clesson b 1820 Shelbourne, MA; d 1876 Shelbyville, IL; m before 1855 Sarah Eckles            
                7 George Frederick Clesson b 1863 Beecher City , IL; d 1934 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; m 1892 Sallie Ann Pearson
                            8 Willard Ray Clesson b 1893 Matthewson, OK; d 1989 Tacoma, Washington; m 1914 Mary Olivine Giguere G-115

John Gleeson b Ireland; Blacksmith; m Catherine Brennan in Ireland– [briangle AT]
Edward Gleeson b c1785 lived at Gowran, Kilkenny, Ireland 1815-52; d 1879 Anakie, Victoria, Australia; m Mary Lyons
Martin Gleeson b 25 Mar 1825 Gowran, Kilkenny; d 1903 Kiora, Victoria, Australia; m 15 Feb1855 Margaret Butler 
4 James Gleeson b 1872 Kiora, Victoria; d 11 Feb1912 Kiora, Victoria; m 8 Aug 1900 Mary Long
5 James Leo Gleeson b 15 Aug 1902 Willaura, Victoria; d 13 Apr 1967 Caulfield, Victoria; m1931 Margret Teresa Ryan G-81

James Gleason b 1772; d 1805 Dorchester, Massachusetts; m Drusilla Wight – [pettymare AT gmail dot com]
2 James Glover Gleason b 1795 Dorchester, MA; d 1853; m Asenath Paty
3 Herbert Gleason b 1830 Plymouth, MA; d 1893 Malden, MA; m Elizabeth Upton
4 Sumner Gleason b 1860 Malden, MA; d 1944 Abington, Pennsylvania; m Edith Gertrude Crawford 
5 Herbert Lester Gleason b 1891 Denver, CO; d 1942 Salt Lake City, Utah; m Mabel Vivian Larsen G-55

Thomas Gleeson b c1780 ?Tipperary; d bef 1827 Thurles, Templetouhy, Tipperary; m 2 Apr 1808 Catherine Craddock/Crodick - [gleeson999 AT]
            2 Darby (Jeremiah) Gleeson b 26 Oct 1827; bp Parish Thurles, Tipperary ; d 19 Aug1911 Providence, Rhode Island; m Jane Mathewson
                        3 Francis P Gleeson b 10 Oct 1863 Dracut, Massachusetts; d 2 Jun 1934 Providence, RI; m 7 Sep 1909 Alice Regina Collins 
                                                4 Paul D Gleeson b 1 Jun 1910 Providence, RI; d Providence, RI; m Charlotte Manchester G108

John Gleeson b 1781; d 1864; m Honora Hennessy
William Gleeson b 1810; d 1889; m Mary (Kitty) Purcell 
William (Black Will) Gleeson b c1858; d 1925; m Mary Ann Ryan
4 John Joe Gleeson b 1899 Moher, Gortkelly, Tipperary; d 1965; m Winnie Dwyer G-98

Michael Gleeson b 1785 Curraghaneddy, Tipperary; d 1819 Curraghaneddy; m Eleanor (Mc)Cawley
John Gleeson b 1812 Currraghaneddy; d 1887 Old Turnpike, Nenagh; m Mary Anne Flannery
Michael Gleeson b 1854; d 1932; m Julia Mary Boland G-91

James Gleeson b c1789 Garryard, Silvermines, Tipperary; d 1869 Nenagh, Tipperary; m Mary Ryan - [LJCrofton AT]
            2 Martin Gleeson b c1829 near Nenagh, Tipperary; d 22 May 1911 Illinois; m Bridget Begley
                        3 James J Gleeson b 24 Jun 1882 Illinois; d 10 Sep 1949 Illinois; m Thresa Domek G-71

Thomas Gleeson b 1790 Tipperary, Ireland; d 1839 London, Ontario, Canada; m Ellen Dagg – [treatgleason AT]
            2 James Dagg Gleeson b 1822 London, Ontario, Canada; m Margaret Dobie b 1826 New Brunswick, Canada
                        3 William H Gleason b c1848 Canada; m Emma Treat b c1853 Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan 
4 Frederick Treat Gleason b 1873 Laingsburg, Shiawassee, MI; d 6 Mar 1934 Reno Nevada; m Gwendolyn Carlsson-Eckmann
                            5 Fred Treat Gleason b 1920 Beaver, Utah; d 1998 Quantico, Virginia; m Gloria Maria Aguiluz-Berlioz (Kirkpatrick) G-39, 51

James Gleeson b 1795 Tinerana, Tipperary; d 1872 Tinerana
            2 John Gleeson b 1824 Tinerana; d 1903 Tinerana; m Mary Tierney
                        3 Michael Gleeson b 1887 G-99

Michael Gleeson m c1825-1829 Norah McKeogh/McCoagh 
2 John Gleeson b 1829 Cappadine, Kilnarath, Tipperary; d 1906 Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada; m c1851-1853 Ann Nolan in Ontario, Canada 
                      3 Michael J Gleeson b 1855 Markham, York, Ontario; d 1936 Uxbridge, Ontario; m (1) 1883 Agnes Hopper (2) 1903 Mary Ester Dunsheath+ 
                4 Michael Samuel Theodore Gleeson b 1905 Uxbridge, Ontario; d 1974 Siloam, Uxbridge, Ontario; m 1934 Verna Flumerfelt G-106

James Gleeson b c1802; d c1874; m 1841 Mary Gleeson probably in Garryard, Tipperary 
            2 James Gleeson b 1846 West Garryard, Tipperary; d 1906 West Garryard; m Ellen Herbert
                        3 James J Gleeson b 1888 Garryard; d 1948 San Francisco, California; m Mary Ellen Lee G-22

Thomas Gleeson b c1805 prob. Galbertstown, Holycross, Tipperary; m Ellen Breen
            2 Thomas Gleeson b 1840 Galbertstown; d 1911 Galbertstoen; m Catherine Caesar
                        3 Timothy Gleeson b 1893 Galbertstown; d 1975; m Josephine G-92
John Gleeson b c1805 Ireland; d c1843 Ireland; m 3 Mar 1835 Margaret Quinlan Aghnameadle, Toomevara Par, Tipperary - [philipjames At]
            2 Roger (Rhody) Gleeson b 1835 Knockane, Co. Tipperary; d 6 Mar 1914 Coomealla Cassilis, NSW, Australia; m19 Jan 1861 Bridget Lennox, NSW
                        3 John Thomas Gleeson b 28 Dec 1864 Barragan, Wollar, NSW; d 11 Jul 1935 Tambar Springs, NSW; m 1895 Catherine Anne Lane, NSW
                4 Thomas Patrick Gleeson b 28 May 1895 Wollar, NSW; d 25 Nov 1975 Umina, NSW; m 17 Mar 1925 Bridget Margaret Kennedy G-97

John Gleeson b 1805 County Galway; d 1868 Leigh, Lancashire; m Mary Burke - [petegleeson1 AT]
            2 Patrick Gleeson b 1842 Kellougher, County Galway; d 1905 Reddish, Stockport, Lancashire; m 1869 Emma Sykes, Leigh, Lancashire
3 Bernard Gleeson b 1889 Salford, Lancashire; d 1940 Stockport, Lancashire; m 1916 Ellen Bracken, Levenshulme, Manchester G-104

Matthew Gleeson b c1808; d c1890 Tipperary?; m 22 Feb1835 Bridget Rahilly in Killaloe, County Clare – [soulpurpose AT]
Thomas Gleeson b c1836 County Clare; d 8 Aug1918 Illowa, Victoria, Australia; m 16 Aug 1866 Mary Ann Lane in Victoria, Australia 
Matthew Michael Gleeson b 1869 Yangery (Woodford), Victoria; d 23 Aug 1955 Warrnambool, Victoria; m 1895 Hannah Frances Conheady
4 John Joseph Gleeson b 1899 Warnambool, Victoria; d 1975 Illowa, Victoria; m 1932 Eileen Margaret Blomeley in Geelong, Victoria G-113

Michael Gleeson b Ireland m Mary UNKNOWN – [ssnstn AT]
George Gleeson b c1840 New Quay, Galway, Ireland; d 1878 Ireland; m Mary Connley
Michael (Patrick) Gleeson b 14 Mar 1866 Ennis, Ireland; d 20 Aug 1932 Camden County, New Jersey; m Margaret Elizabeth Waters
4 Edward Joseph Gleeson b 23 Jul 1908 Haddonfield, New Jersey; d 20 Mar 1996 Omaha, Nebraska; m Fannie Dietrich Emmerich G-89

Daniel Gleeson b c1810 Upperchurch/Drombane, Co. Tipperary ; m 7 Feb 1842 Mary Purcell Upperchurch/Drombane – [gerry261054 AT]
2 John Gleeson b Dec 1848 Upperchurch/Drumbane; d 1927; m 26 Feb 1895 Drombane RC Church Margaret Kennedy
Martin Gleeson b 15 Jan 1900 Upperchurch/Drombane; d 10 Jun 1969 Warwick, England; m 1928 Catherine Mary Wall G-94

John Gleeson b c1815 Lisgoriff?, Tipperary, Ireland; d after 1862; m 2 Jan 1839 Margaret OÔMeara Templederry RC Parish- [bettyg AT]
2 William Gleeson b 1 Jul 1862 Lisgoriff?, Tipperary; d c1912 Kilriffith, Tipperary; m 6 Jun 1900 Joanna Behan (Aughbee) Killoscully RC Parish
Michael Gleeson b 1905 Ballynaclogh, Tipperary G-70

William (Wiley) Glisson b 1816 Georgia; d 3 Nov 1887 Decatur Co, Georgia; m Tersa Ann Yates – Charles Glisson [f150cj AT]
2 Alexander L Glisson b 10 Aug 1863 Gadsden Co, Florida; d 8 Feb 1927 Bainbridge, Decatur, GA; m Mary Ellen Pitts
3 Charles Jefferson Glisson b 21 Jul 1891 Sneads, Jackson, FL; d 16 June 1946 GA; m Callie Josephine Herring G-68

Matthew Gleeson b c1818 ?Lisbunny; County Tipperary; d1914 Ballydrinan, County Tipperary, Ireland – [mgglee AT]
2 Michael Gleeson b c 1863 Ballydrinan; d 1931 Ballydrinan
Edward Gleeson b 1916 Ballydrinan; d 1993 Kilcolman, County Tipperary  G-65 

Martin Gleeson b 1822 Curraghaneddy, Tipperary; d 1892 Curraghaneddy; m Anna Woods
2 John Gleeson (Crimlin) b 1860 Curraghneddy; d 1919 Duncan, Tipperary; m Sarah Madden
Dan Gleeson b 1899; d 1977 Crumlin, Tipperary; m Bridget G-75 

Thomas Gleeson b c1822 County Tipperary, Ireland; d 23 Feb 1887 Boherlahan, Kilemakill; m 1858 Mary Farrell - [shivauntijou AT]
2 John (Jack) Gleeson b Mar 1876 Urard, Tipperary; d 27 Mar 1963 Thurles, Tipperary; m 1906 Catherine (Kate) Lonergan
Michael Joseph Gleeson b 16 Jun 1910 Manseltown, Moyne, Tipperary G-66

John Gleeson b c1832 Lackagh, Tipperary, Ireland; d 1885 Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland; m Anne Gleeson - [mauricegleeson AT]
2 Martin M Gleeson b 3 Jul 1866 Shallee, Silvermines, Tipperary; d 13 Jan 1940 Stratford-on-Slaney, Wicklow, Ireland; m Mary Nora Walshe
Jack Gleeson b 18 Jun 1898 Stratford-on-Slaney, Wicklow; d 10 Apr 1959 Dublin, Ireland; m Lily O'Carroll G-21

Daniel Gleeson b 1833 ?Ballycahill, Tipperary; d 1911 Ballykahill; m Margaret Boyle
            2 Terence Gleeson b 1867 Ballycahill; d 1945 Dublin; m Anne Moloney
                        3 Daniel Gleeson b 1898 Ballycahill; d 1940 Nenagh, Tipperary; m Eileen Mary OÔKeefe G-95

Martin Gleason b c1836 Ennistimon, Clare, Ireland; d 22 Mar 1918 Chester County, Pennsylvania; m Anna Hickey - [rgleason47 AT]
2 Joseph Thomas Gleason b c 1887; d 13 Mar 1980 PA; m Elizabeth "Bessie" Flanagan G-5

Thomas Gleeson b c1834/40 Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland; d 24 Sep 1916 Auckland, New Zealand; m Catherine Jackson - [deirdre.dale AT]
2 James Thomas Gleeson b 8 Mar 1877 Thames, New Zealand; d 17 Jun 1961 Auckland, NZ; m Margaret Parker 
Roland Patrick Gleeson b 9 Oct 1914 Paparoa, North Auckland, NZ; d 25 Jan 1984 Hamilton NZ; m Myrtle Burgess G-54

Patrick Gleeson
            2 John Gleeson b 1840 Kilmore, Silvermines; m Catherine Quigley 
                        3 Denis Gleeson b1870 Silvermines; d Queens, New York; m Mary A Kiley
                4 Vincent E Gleason b 1908, New York; d 1949; m Mary K Dolan G-84

Peter Gleeson b c1840 Rockhill & Buree, Co. Limerick, Ireland; d 11 Jan 1901 Chicago, IL, USA; m 1861 Nora Gorman [sean.gleason88 AT]
2 Patrick Gleason b 27 Apr 1872 Gortroe, Co. Limerick; d 8 Dec 1948, Chicago, IL; m 1896 Mary Kelly 
Francis Gleason b 21 Feb 1908 Chicago, IL; d 3 Jun 1994 Midlothian, IL; m 1941 Ann Watson G-77

Denis Gleeson b c1844 Silvermines, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; d 14 May 1875 Bendigo VIC, Australia; m 1866 Ann Grace [ AT]
2 Jeremiah Gleeson b 7 Feb 1870 Preston Vale, VIC, Australia; d 2 Dec 1929 Mayfield NSW, Australia, m 1899 Alice Ada Bennett 
Gordon Charles Gleeson b 19 Mar 1902 Merewether NSW, Australia; d 1968 Mayfield NSW; m 1932 Daisy Bramley G-78

Matthew Gleason m Johanna Ryan d 19 Aug 1883 – Jennifer Thornton-Davis [decoprincess AT]
2 Michael Gleason b Tipperary (?), Ireland; d 9 Dec 1921 Gladstone, Michigan; m Mary Wallace
3 Matthew Edworth Gleason b 26 Nov 1865 Vermont; d 3 July 1948; m Josephine McDermott
Michael H Gleason b 20 Aug 1896 Marinette, Wisconsin; d 7 Jan 1988 San Diego, CaliforniaG-2

John Tyler Gleason b 12 Dec 1848 Van Buren, Iowa; d 21 Jun 1919; m Mary Virginia Parker 
2 Ora Parker Gleason b 4 Jan 1884 Kansas; d 4 Sep 1922; m Sarah Elza Wyatt 
Harold Parker Gleason b 11 May 1919 Dillon, Missouri; d 18 Jun 1976 Columbia, Missouri; m Margaret Spradling G-18

Lineage III

Matthew Gleeson b c1765 County Clare, Ireland – [WJGleeson AT]
2 Cornelius Gleeson b 1794 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1872; m Mary Killeen 
3 Michael Gleeson b 1831 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1896 Corbally (Kilkee), Ireland; m Bridget Moloney 
                4 Matthew Gleeson b Mt Scot, County Clare, Ireland; d 1955 Kansas City, Missouri; m Elizabeth Moran
5 James Gleeson b 1912 Kansas City, MO; d 1996 Kansas City, MO; m (1) Margaret Sullivan G-43 (2) Julia Drago G-32
3 Matthew Gleeson b 1837 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1900 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; m Sarah (Sally) Walsh 
                4 Cornelius Gleeson b 1866 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1936 Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland; m Margaret Sexton
                            5 Matthew Gleeson b 1898 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1978 Coore, County Clare; m Bridget Cleary G-35
3 John Gleeson b 1842 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1901 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; m Catherine Sexton
                4 John (Jack) Gleeson b 1886 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1962 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; m Anne Dillon
5 Patrick Gleeson b 1922 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1978 Hammersmith, UK; m Susan Reidy G-36
2 Michael Gleeson b c1810 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d c1850 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; m Margaret McCarthy
3 Patrick Gleason b 1849 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1914 East Haddam, Connecticut; m Hannah Donovan
                4 James Gleason b 1882 East Haddam, Connecticut; d 1942 East Haddam, Connecticut; m Anna Schroeder
5 Eugene Gleason b 1912 Brooklyn, New York; d 1992 Middletown, Connecticut; m Gertrude Bonsaing G-33

Unknown Lineage

David Gleeson b 1806 Cork; d 1846 Gurteen, Cork; m Kathryn Purcell (1805-1887) – [srg47 AT]
2 Thomas Purcell Gleeson b 1837 Cork; d 1888 Wakefield, Massachusetts; m 1866 Margaret Lehane
Timothy Gleeson b 1868 Clonmoyle, Cork; d 1949 Wakefield, MA; m 1907 Catherine mary Ingerton 
                4 Thomas William Gleeson b 1915 Wakefield, MA; m 1940 Louise Sidney Robertson G112

Thomas Gleeson b c1818; d 16 Aug 1896 Skehanaugh, County Kerry, Ireland; m Ellen Byme - Richard J Gleason [RichardGleason AT]
2 Richard Gleeson b 1858; d 1943 Derreensillagh; m Gobnait (Abbie) Shea
Patrick Gleeson b 13 Jan1900; d 4 May 1972 New York; m Mary Kearns G-1
William Silas Gleason b 1823 Butler County, Ohio; d 1916 Ladora, Iowa; m Lydia Margaret McAninch - [stevejgleason AT]
2 Phineas Fletcher Gleason b 1879 Crawfordsville, Indiana; d 1917 Chouteau County, Montana; m Hattie M Gates
Mervin K Gleason b 1909 Humbolt County, Iowa; d 1969 Portland, Oregon; m Adela C Ophus G-44, 49

Thomas E Gleason b 1840 Canada; d 27 May 1907 Washington, DC; m Mary A. - [davidgleason AT]
2 Joseph Cummings Gleason b 21 Apr 1869 Baltimore County, Maryland; m Elizabeth M Poffenberger
3 John Howard Gleason b 28 Aug 1918 Washington, DC; d 6 Mar 2004 Columbia, Maryland; m Mabel Francis Shipe G121

Edward A Glysson b c1843 Vermont; d 1921 Vermont; m Frances A. Wiggins - [Jglysson AT]
2 Eugene C Glysson b 1868 VT; d 1940 VT; m Emma C Churchill
3 Edward C Glysson b 1898 VT; d 1978 VT; m Helen Day G-13

Patrick Gleason b 1851 Ireland; lived in Ontario, Canada and in New York USA; m Margaret Gallagher [pmgleason AT]
2 Henry Morris (Harry Harold) Gleason b 9 Nov 1895 Cardinal, Ontario; d 21 Jan 1979 Rochester, New York; m 1918 Rose Ellen (Rosell) Robertson
Joseph Harold Gleason b St. Catherines, Lincoln, Ontario; d Rochester, New York; m Margaret Mary OÔHalloran G101

Arthur Merrial Gleason b c1854 New York City; d after 1905; m Hattie May Kennedy - [lgleason AT]
2 Arthur Merrial Gleason b 29 Apr 1893 New York City; d 12 Jan 1947 St. Louis, Missouri; m Gertrude Christine Herman G-62

Edward Nicholas Gleason b Co. Tipperary, Ireland; lived New York City; m Anna Starke - nickg [4gleason AT]
2 Nicholas Edward Gleason b 6 Apr 1906 NYC; d 2 Jan 1969 Demarest, NJ; m Catherine Ruzbacky G-25

John (Joseph) J Gleason c1878 Pennsylvania, USA; m c1902 Helen or Ella Tucker – [gleason.shovelhead AT] 
2 Horace Earl Gleason b 2 Dec 1907 Oakland, California, USA; m Genevieve Buchanan G102


1. Martin GLEESON b c1792, Ireland, m Ann

2. Michael Gleason b c1822, Ireland, d 1866 m 6 Jul 1847, Elizabeth O'MEARA b Jul 1829, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, d 4 Feb 1904, LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa, USA
3. Michael John Gleason b 26 Feb 1859, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, d 4 Jul 1923, Akron, Plymouth County, Iowa, USA, m 26 Mar 1883, Mary Ellen HENNESSEY b 11 Apr 1862, Linn, Linn County, Iowa, USA, d 26 Dec 1907, Akron, Plymouth County, Iowa, USA.
4. James Benedict Gleason b 23 Mar 1889, Akron, Plymouth County, Iowa, USA, d 14 Feb 1948, Massillon, Stark County, Ohio, USA, m 22 Sep 1920 Mary Ann ALBERT, b 23 Mar 1889, Winn, Penobscot County, Maine, USA, d 10 Oct 1971, Massillon, Stark County, Ohio, USA.

1. Bartholomew Gleason (1817 Ireland 1899 CT) m Margarette Hurley [researcher - jim AT; ]
2. Michael B Gleason (1858 CT - 1907 MI) m Fannie Botelle
3. William W Gleason (1897 MI - 1978 FL) m Anna Weigmann
4. Peggy Gleason

1. John F Gleason born about 1850, Ireland
2. Joseph Gerald GLEAN born 5 Feb 1888 in Norwich, CT; died in Maryland; m Mary O'Connor
3. FJG born 29 Jan 1913, Boston, MA; died in Denver, CO
4. researcher B91713


1. Hanora GLEESON b probably by 1800 in Ireland, d ?, m John FITZGERALD in Ireland by 1819 m(2) (unknown date) in Ireland (first name unknown) SHANAHAN - [JoAnn Olinger-Luscusk, jluscusk AT]
2. Thomas Fitzgerald SHANAHAN b ca 1820 Ballyowen, Limerick, Ireland d 10 Apr 1892 Avoca, Pottawattamie, Iowa, USA, m ca 1851 Johanna MCCARTHY
3. Charles Shanahan, b 23 Jan 1869 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, USA, d 17 Dec 1921 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA, m 23 Sep 1895 Clarissa GALLUP
4. Cecelia Myrtle Shanahan, b 27 Jun 1897, Avoca, Pottawattamie, Iowa, USA, d 1 Nov 1971 Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA, m 5 Apr 1919 Joseph HAFNER

1. John GLEESON b. 1833 Limerick Ire. d. 13 Dec 1900 Minn. MN m. Mary HAYES 7 Nov 1858 - [Dennis G. Gleason, FB]
2. Thomas George Gleason b. 10 Oct 1860 Wysetta MN d. 5 Jan 1940 Minn MN m. Anna Francis DOUGHERTY 21 Aug 1894.
3. Martin Joseph Gleason b. 29 Aug 1901 Stockett MT d. 11 Aug 1987 m. Margaret Jewell STOWELL 3 Nov 1924 


Below is my own pedigree as an example of what you will find on the Patriarchs Page on the DNA Project website. A notable difference is the inclusion of a different identification number, namely G21 at the end of the entry. This identifies the participant in the DNA Project whose DNA is representative of that particular family.

John Gleeson b c1832 LackaghTipperary, Ireland; d 1885 SilverminesTipperary, Ireland; m Anne Gleeson - [mauricegleeson AT]
2 Martin M Gleeson b 3 Jul 1866 ShalleeSilverminesTipperary; d 13 Jan 1940 Stratford-on-Slaney, Wicklow, Ireland; m Mary Nora Walshe
Jack Gleeson b 18 Jun 1898 Stratford-on-Slaney, Wicklow; d 10 Apr 1959 Dublin, Ireland; m Lily O'Carroll G-21

1. James GLEESON b May 1835/6 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, d1918, bur Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, m 10 Feb 1861 Catherine Cullen (witnesses: John Guilmartin & Bridget Cullen) in the parish of Upperchurch & Drombane - [Researcher: William Morgan]
2. William Francis GLEESON b 1872, cr St. Patrick's Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA; m Ann Jackson; d 1922, bur Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Siblings: Mortimer, Michael (cr 1864, Borrisoleigh, Tipp), John Joseph, William Francis, Mary, Bridget, Margaret, and James, Jr. One son:
3. William John GLEESON b 1914, cr Sacred Heart Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA; m Ruth Inez Norton, 26 June 1943, St. Aloysius Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA; d 1967, Washington, DC, bur Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA; four children: Roberta, Mary, Leigh Anne, and Bill.

1. William GLESIN b c 1815, d ????, m c1838 Sarah TOWERS/Toher/Tooher (Kilcormac parish) - [Researcher: aileeng694 AT]
2. Michael GLESSON b 1 Dec 1846 Kilcormac, Co. Offaly, d ????, m 1 Feb 1873 Ellen Steward (Cully; witnesses Thomas Foley & Anne Loonam), m 1 Feb 1887 Catherine Hynes
3. Michael GLEESON b 1891 Offaly, d 1984 Offaly? m 6 Nov 1920 Ellen Mahon, Thurles, Co. Tipperary
4. Joseph GLEESON b 1934 Offaly

1. Matthew Gleeson & Ellen Hiffren/Hefferan - Tipperary, Ireland
2. Thomas Gleeson baptised 7 Apr 1810 Boherlahan, Tipperary d. 3 Dec 1858 Warwick, QLD, Australia & Ellen Hayes - b. 1817/1819 Cooleagh (Coolah), Tipperary, d. 24 Dec 1887 Warwick, QLD (emigrated to Australia in 1854)
3. James Gleeson baptised 17 Oct 1844 Killenaule(Cooleagh), Tipperary, d. 14 Aug 1884 St. George, QLD & Mary Joseph (Josephine) Collins b.4 Jun 1849  Mount Brisbane, QLD, d.8 Jul 1911 Brisbane, QLD
4. Thomas Walter Gleeson b.22 Nov 1878  Ipswich, QLD d.29 Feb 1964  Brisbane, QLD
5. ALG
6. MK, 443212, mfkoala2 AT, and TK (xx1764, brother, Y-67)
4. Patrick Joseph Gleeson b.23/8/1871) Ipswich, QLD d.19 Nov 1939  Brisbane, QLD, m Catherine Teresa Slattery b 15 Jul 1872 Ipswich, QLD d 19 Jan 1950 Brisbane QLD
5. James John Gleeson b.15 Feb 1899  Ipswich, QLD, d.6 Sep 1965 Brisbane, QLD m Clarissa Mercy Thomson b.17 Jun 1900 Rockhampton, QLD
6. MHG
7. JLD, 442139, douglasj51 AT


1. Martin GLEASON b ca 1821 Ireland, d 1871-1880 Cromwell, CT, m ca 1849 Catharine MALLOY from Cork, Ireland [kclipka AT]
2. Joseph Gleason, b 5/1856 Cromwell, CT, d 15/04/1933 in Hartford, CT, m 16/05/1889 Mary HEALEY from Ennistymon, Clare, Ireland in Hartford, CT
3. Mary Pauline Gleason, b 14/03/1894 in Hartford, CT, d 12/08/1956 in Hartford, CT, m 16/08/1920 John KEENAN from Hartford, CT in Hartford, CT


1. Thomas GLEASON b 1609 Suffolk, England m Susanna PAGE - [Lorenzo Ross, FB]
2. Isaac Gleason b 1654 Watertown MA, d 1698 Enfield, CT; m Hester EGGLESTON
3. Isaac Gleason b 1687 Enfield, CT; d 1761 Enfield, CT; m Mary PRIOR
4. Job Gleason b 1731 Enfield, CT; d 1796 Grafton, VT; m Hannah PEASE
5. Isaac Gleason b 1775 NH, d 1854 Quebec, Canada; m Eunice LOVELAND
6. Isaac Gleason b ~1798 Grafton VT, d 1881 Quebec, Canada; m Sophia MANSFIELD, then Judith BURT
7. Hiram Gleason b ~1825, Quebec, Canada d 1888 Quebec, m Ezoa WELLS then Helen WELLS (Hiram is the son of Sophia and Isaac)
8. Gilbert Wells Gleason, b 1853, East Farnham, Quebec, d 1949 Olds, Alberta; m Susan SMITH (Gilbert is the son of Hiram and Ezoa)
9. Sophia Gleason b 1892 Rapid City, South Dakota, d 1981, Didsbury Alberta, m William ROSS

1. Thomas Gleason b 1609 Suffolk, England; m Susanna PAGE [FTDNA B40813, mrsturtlemama FB]
2. Joseph Gleason b 1642 Watertown, MA; d 1715 Sudbury, MA; m Martha RUSSELL then Abigail GARFIELD (Joseph is the son of Joseph and Martha)
3. Joseph Gleason b 1671 Sudbury, MA; d 1711 Sudbury, MA; m Hannah MOORE
4. Phineas Gleason b 1710 Sudbury, MA; d 1735 Sudbury, MA; m Rebecca ALLEN
5. Benjamin Gleason b 1734 Sudbury, MA; d 1818 Spencer, MA; m Dorothy ALLEN
6. Elisha Gleason b 1762 Sudbury, MA; m Tamsin HIGGINS
7. Reuben Gleason b 1795, Jamaica, VT; d 1875 Chesterville, OH, m Olive AUSTIN
8. Elisha B Gleason, b 1826, Chesterville, OH; d 1890 New Winchester, OH; m Lucy Ann EVERS then Susan Elizabeth BRUNSTON (Hattie is the daughter of Elisha and Susan)
9. Hattie Gleason b 1874, Martel, OH; d 1939, Toledo, OH; m Harvey GRANDSTAFF

1. Patrick GLEASON b 1799 Ireland, d Nov 10 1880 Botetourt, Virginia, USA, m Mary ??? – [Researcher blakesfamily AT]
2. John Wilson GLEASON b c1824 Virginia, USA, d 1868-1870 Virginia, USA, m Dec 23 1852 Botetourt, Virginia, USA Elizabeth Ann MOORE. Siblings: John Wilson, James, Catherine Ann, Pleasant, Mark.
3. William Addison GLEESON b Mar 1855 Virginia, USA, d Apr 22 1926 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, USA, m Dec 26 1881 Mary Alice ORR Sangamon, Illinois, USA. Siblings: George Washington, William Addison, Catherine Mary, Charlotte Demaris, Sarah J, Fannie M, Edna Sue, and Jessica Virginia.
4. John Alexander GLEESON b Feb 6 1890 Auburn, Sangamon, Illinois, USA, d May 25 1959 Auburn, Sangamon, Illinois, USA, m Dec 24 1912 Gertrude Nellie Murray. Siblings: Elnora, Charles, Ella, Edgar H, Fred Addison, Mary I, and James Ota.


  1. Here is my line:

    1. Thomas Gleason b 1609 Suffolk, England; m Susanna PAGE
    2. Joseph Gleason b 1642 Watertown, MA; d 1715 Sudbury, MA; m Martha RUSSELL then Abigail GARFIELD (Joseph is the son of Joseph and Martha)
    3. Joseph Gleason b 1671 Sudbury, MA; d 1711 Sudbury, MA; m Hannah MOORE
    4. Phineas Gleason b 1710 Sudbury, MA; d 1735 Sudbury, MA; m Rebecca ALLEN
    5. Benjamin Gleason b 1734 Sudbury, MA; d 1818 Spencer, MA; m Dorothy ALLEN
    6. Elisha Gleason b 1762 Sudbury, MA; m Tamsin HIGGINS
    7. Reuben Gleason b 1795, Jamaica, VT; d 1875 Chesterville, OH, m Olive AUSTIN
    8. Elisha B Gleason, b 1826, Chesterville, OH; d 1890 New Winchester, OH; m Lucy Ann EVERS then Susan Elizabeth BRUNSTON (Hattie is the daughter of Elisha and Susan)
    9. Hattie Gleason b 1874, Martel, OH; d 1939, Toledo, OH; m Harvey GRANDSTAFF

    1. Thanks Cassie - I will post this above.

    2. mrsturtlemama,
      We are related. My line is 7 Reuben, 8 Sylvester,9 Reuben Howard,10 Howard McKinley, 11 Betty Marie,

  2. Thanks William - we have you already on the Patriarchs Page of our WFN website here -
    Cheers, Maurice

  3. Here is my line. I added three additional lines beyond what is listed on the Patriarchs Page for G-48.

    Thomas Gleson d 1610 Cockfield, Suffolk, England; m Anne Armesby [source: NEHGS Register, Jan 2014.]

    1 Thomas Gleson/Gleason b 1609 Cockfield, Suffolk; d c1686 Cambridge, MA; m Susanna Page - Judith Gleason Claassen [JGC.genealogy AT]

    2 Thomas Gleson/Gleason b 1638 Cockfield, Suffolk; d 1705 Framingham, MA; m Sarah ___

    3 Thomas Gleason b c1670 Sherborn, MA; d 1732 Oxford, MA; m (1) Mary Mellen+ (2) Mercy Hovey

    4 Thomas Gleason b 1697 Sherborn, MA; d after 1775 Oxford, MA; m Susanna Haven

    5 Elijah Gleason b 1739 Oxford, MA; d 1776 Ward, MA; m Elizabeth Wyman

    6 Elijah Gleason b 1769 Oxford, MA; d 1852 Oakland, ME; m Relief Young

    7 Bryant Freemont Gleason b 1794 Oakland, ME; d 1873 Canaan, ME; m Betsey Corson

    8 Moses C Gleason b 1821 Canaan, ME; d Somerset County, ME; m Lydia Fowler

    9 Milton O Gleason b 1850 Canaan, ME; d 1924 Hamilton Co, TX; m Sophia H Benn

    10 Benn Gleason b 1884 Hamilton Co, TX; d 1953 Hico, TX; m Aurora V Alford

    11 Benn Arnold Gleason b 1915 Fairy, Hamilton, Texas; m Janie Bessie Joiner

    12 David Benn Gleason b 1948 Hico, Hamilton, Texas; m Carolyn Davis

    13 Benn Haywood Gleason b 1986 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

  4. 1. Michael GLEESON b UNK; d UNK; m c1825-1829 Norah McKeogh (McCoagh).
    2. John GLEESON b 1829 Cappadine, Kilnarath, Tipperary; d 1906 Uxbridge, Ontario Co., Ontario, CAN; m c1851-1853 Ontario, CAN Ann NOLAN b cDec 1827 Barnagrotty, Borrisnafarney, Offaly; d 1917 Uxbridge, Ont., CAN.
    3 Sarah Anne GLEASON b 1860 Markham, York Co., Ontario, CAN; d 1942 Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, USA; m 1890 Detroit, Edward James DOHERTY b 1862 Detroit, d 1942 Detroit.
    4. Frank Edward DOHERTY b 1902 Detroit; d 1976 Detroit
    5. Richard Michael Doherty b Detroit []

  5. 1-Robert I Leeson
    b: 1460, Gretworth, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 1544, Northampton, Northamptonshire, , England
    +Amy Annie Pargiter
    b: 1460, Gretworth, Northamptonshire, , England
    m: 1537, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 7 Oct 1564, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, , England
    2-Robert Leeson
    b: 1483, Byfield, Northamptonshire, , England
    d: 1566, Byfield, Northamptonshire, , England
    +Susan Stotesbury
    b: 1485, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, , England
    m: 1546, Whitefield, Northamptonshire, , England
    d: 1569, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, , England
    3-Thomas Leeson I
    b: 1566, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 27 Sep 1614, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    +Jane Lowe
    b: 21 Jan 1562, Denby, Derbyshire, England
    m: 1581, Sulgrave, Rutland, England
    d: Sep 1614, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    4-Thomas Gleason (Leeson) 1577
    b: 1586, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 1614, Cambridge, Massaachusetts
    b: 1580, Thrope Mandeville, Northamptonshire, England
    m: 1600, Byfield, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 1610, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    5-Thomas Gleason 1607
    b: 1 Jan 1607, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    d: Spring of 1686, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
    +Susanna Page 1622
    b: abt 1622, England, UK
    m: Apr 1636, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 24 Jan 1681, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
    6-Thomas Gleason IV
    b: Jan 1637, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
    d: 25 Jul 1705, Framingham MASSACHUSETTS COLONY
    +Sarah Streeter
    b: 2 Apr 1643, Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
    m: 28 Jul 1658, Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
    d: 8 Jul 1703, Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
    7-Thomas Gleason V
    b: 1669, Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
    d: 11 Jan 1732, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    +Mary Mellen
    b: 1686, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
    m: 6 Dec 1695, Framingham MASSACHUSETTS COLONY
    d: 1727, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
    8-Simon Gleason
    b: 26 Jul 1713, Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
    d: 3 Mar 1793, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
    +Charity Bellows
    b: 18 Aug 1728, Farmingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
    m: 27 May 1747, Oxford, Worchester, Massachusetts
    d: 7 Oct 1801, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
    9-Bezaleel Gleason
    b: 9 Jun 1749, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    d: 29 Nov 1777, Massachusetts, USA
    +Phoebe Newberry
    b: 11 Jun 1750, Groton, New London, Connecticut, United States
    m: 1770
    10-Bezaleel Gleason
    b: 25 May 1774, Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
    d: 12 Jul 1832, Manchester, Ontario, New York, United States
    +Abigail Howland
    b: 18 Sep 1784, Massachusetts, United States
    m: Dec 1800, Manchester, Ontario, New York, United States
    d: 1 Jan 1856, Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio, United States
    11-Sarah L Gleason
    b: 10 Dec 1808, Manchester, NY, USA
    d: 1866, Brantford, ON, Canada
    +William Pomeroy
    b: 13 Aug 1801, Kings Ferry, New York, United States
    m: 3 Apr 1828, Manchester, Ontario, New York, United States
    d: 1866, Van Wert, OH, USA
    12-Clarissa A Pomeroy
    b: 1837, New York, United States
    d: 1893, Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio, United States
    +John T. Bower
    b: 15 Feb 1837, Harrison, Ohio, United States
    d: 5 May 1909, Attica, Seneca County, Ohio, USA
    13-Charles Otis Bower
    b: 29 Apr 1874, Wren, Ohio, USA
    d: 1 Dec 1932, Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio, United States
    +Emma M Ainsworth
    b: 4 Jun 1880, Willshire, Van Wert, Ohio
    m: 1898
    d: 24 May 1928, Van Wert, Van Wert County, Ohio, USA
    14-Mabel Elaine Bower
    b: 4 May 1901, Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio, United States
    d: 11 Oct 1984, Orlando, Orange, Florida, USA
    +Edward William Hummel
    b: 19 Nov 1897, McMechen, Marshall, West Virginia, USA
    d: 19 Dec 1940, Danville, Vermilion, Illinois
    15-William Henry Hummel

  6. My lineage above starts with 'Robert Leeson'. I believe the name was later changed to 'Gleason'. My DNA testing through shows me possible relatives with the last name 'Gleason'.

  7. 1 Daniel Treacy b. c. 1815 Tipperary, Ireland, d. ukn. m. 27 Feb. 1843 Borriskane, Tipperary, Ireland Sarah Meara b. c. 1820, d. unk.

    2 William Treacy b.12 Jun 1849 Lorrha, Tipperary, Ireland; d. Mar 1905 Portumna, Galway, Ireland m. 11 Nov. 1876 Portumna, Galway, Ireland Catherine Ridge b. 22 May 1854 Portumna, Galway, Ireland d. 15 Jan. 1941 Portumna, Galway, Ireland.

    3 Grandfather

    4 Father

    5 YSEQ 6260 (Z29008-)

  8. 1. Patrick TREACY b. c. 1794 Carhoon, Tynagh, Galway, Ireland; d. 14 Nov 1878 Sheeaunrush, Galway, Ireland; m. Mary Egan b. c. 1809, Galway, Ireland, d. 25 Oct 1877 Sheeaunrush, Galway, Ireland.

    2 Edward TREACY b. c. 1830 Tynagh/Derrew, Galway, Ireland; d. 12 July 1916 Derrew, Kilquain,
    Galway, Ireland; m. 20 Jan. 1857 Killimor, Galway, Ireland, Bridget Boland b. c. 1831 Galway
    d. 20 Jan 1907, Sheeaunrush, Kilquain, Galway, Ireland.

    3 Michael Charles TREACY b. 7 Nov 1866 Derrew, Kilquain, Gallway, Ireland; d. 26 Aug 1919 Quincy, MA, USA; m. 3 Sep 1895, Manchester, NH, USA Margaret G. Flynn b. 8 Oct 1874 Himrod, Yates County, NY, USA d. 23 Feb 1951 Quincy, MA, USA.

    4 James J. Treacy b. 31 Oct 1908 Quincy, MA, USA d. 27 Jul 1992 Braintree, MA, USA m. 26 Nov 1942 Boston, MA Marion R. Hurley b. 27 Dec 1908 Boston, MA, USA, d. 17 Apr 1995 Milton, MA, USA.

    5 FTDNA B38804 (YSEQ 1870)

    4 Edward A. Treacy b.28 Oct 1896 Quincy, MA, USA d. 22 Nov 1972 Kearny, Hudson, NJ, USA m. 1922, MA, USA; Eva M. Beausejour b. 16 Jan 1890, New York, d. 5 Apr. 1976 Weymouth, MA, USA.

    5 Father

    6 YSEQ 5984

    2 John Treacy b. 20 Jun 1836 Killimor, Galway, Ireland; d. 1916 Portumna, Galway, Ireland; m. 5 Mar 1859 Killimor, Galway, Ireland Winifred Scully b. 25 Jun 1837 Rapla, Cloughjordan, Tipperary, Ireland, d. 2 Nov. 1895 Graigueakilleen, Portumna, Galway, Ireland.

    3 James Treacy b. 6 May1868 Graigueakilleen, Portumna, Galway, Ireland, d. June 1950 Drumscar, Galway, Ireland. m. 14 Jun 1898 Portumna, Galway, Ireland Catherine Kemple b.12 Jul 1878 Looscane, Woodford, Galway, Ireland, d. 1955 Drumscar, Galway, Ireland.

    4 Father

    5 YSEQ 6017

    2 James Treacy b. 30 Sep 1839 Killimor, Galway, Ireland, d. 26 Dec 1899 Sheeaunrush, Galway, Ireland. m. 5 Feb 1878, Portumna, Galway, Ireland Sarah Howard b. 25 Jun 1856 Portumna, Galway, Ireland, d. 6 Sep 1933 Sheeaunrush, Galway, Ireland.

    3 Patrick John Treacy b. 21 Oct 1880 Sheeaunrush, Galway, Ireland; d. 1 May 1953 Portumna, Galway, Ireland; m. 2 Feb 1927 Portumna, Galway Ireland Bridget Mannion b. 15 Mar 1894 Portuman, Galway, Ireland, d. 21 Dec 1970 Portumna, Galway, Ireland.

    4 Father

    5 YSEQ 6033

    2 Nicholas TREACY b. 13 Mar 1843 Killimor, Galway, Ireland, d. 11 Feb. 1935 Portumna, Galway,
    Ireland. m. 6 May 1880 Killimor, Galway, Ireland Mary Walsh b. 8 Dec 1856 Killimor, Galway. d. 1935 Portumna, Galway, Ireland.

    3 John TREACY b.15 Jan 1883 Earlston, Portumna, Galway, Ireland, d. 28 Apr 1872 Portumna, Galway, Irelan;. m. 1938 Portumna, Galway Margaret Curley b. 15 Jul 1902 Gurrane, Galway, Ireland, d. 1940 Portumna, Galway, Ireland

    4 Father YSEQ 5811

    5 FTDNA 498614 (YSEQ 5912)

  9. 1. Thomas Glesson b. 1820 Ireland - m. Winaford (Surname?) b. 1833 Ireland.
    Children born in USA: James W. b. 1857, Thomas E. b. 1860, Marry Ann b. 1865. Patrick b. 1868, John b. 1871, Lizzie b. 1873,

    2.) Thomas E. Gleason b. 1860 USA - m. Nora Coleman b. 1863 Wales
    Children born in Pennsylvania, USA: James b. Jan. 1886 Thomas b. Oct. 1887, Catherine b. Oct. 1890, Loretta b. Dec. 1892, Francis b. Feb. 1895, George b. May 1897, Johana b. Nov. 1899,

    3.) James Gleason b. Jan. 1886 Pennsylvania, USA m. Helen Holmes b. 1894 Pennsylvania, USA.
    Children Born Pennsylvania, USA: James b. 1913, William b. 1917 d. 1978 Baltimore, MD., Joseph b. 1921 d. June 15, 1987, Paul Robert b. April 28, 1924 d. March 5, 1962

    4.) Paul Robert Gleason b. April 28, 1924 d. March 5, 1962 - m. Mary Elizabeth McTiernan b. April 30 Pennsylvania, USA, 1921 d. April 23, 2010 Alabama, USA.
    Children Born In Pennsylvania, USA: Paul Patrick Gleason b. March 5, 1946, Ronald Francis, Robert Paul d. Maryland, USA.

    5.) Paul Patrick Gleason b. March 5. 1946 Pennsylvania, USA - m. Connie Myers b. Jan. 18, 1946 Maryland, USA.
    Children born Baltimore, MD: Michele Anne Gleason b. Jan. 27, 1964, Kelly Marie Gleason b. July 29, 1965

    6.) ME - Michele Anne McTiernan-Gleason FTDNA 514889
    (I Have Ancestry DNA results also - but not sure how to share

  10. 1 MICHAEL GLEESON m. Mary UNKNOWN, Ireland

    2 GEORGE GLEESON b. New Quay, Galway, Ireland; married Mary CONNLEY, daughter of Thomas CONNEELY b. 21 Jan 1865, Aran, Galway, Ireland. Mary b. 1842, Ireland. George d. 1878, Ireland.

    3 MICHAEL3 [aka PATRICK] GLEESON b.14 Mar 1866 in Ennis, Ireland, d. 20 Aug 1932, Camden County, New Jersey, USA; married Margaret Elizabeth WATERS, daughter of Patrick WATERS and Mary J. CARNEY, 1892. Margaret b. 11 Aug 1871 Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County, PA; d. 10 Mar 1943.

    4 EDWARD JOSEPH GLEESON b. 23 Jul 1908; Haddonfield NJ, USA, d. 20 March 1996 Omaha NE USA, m. Fannie Dietrich Emmerich April 15, 1939.

    5 Son (Y-DNA 37 kit 498597)

    5 Daughter (Autosomal kit 494046; contact ssnstn AT

  11. 1. MARTIN GLEESON b. 1787 Ireland (maybe Co Tipperary), d. 9 Oct 1859, Carleton, Ontario, Canada. Married Ann (maybe Gleeson), who was b. 1790, d. 9 Apr 1848 in Carleton, Ontario, Canada. Children: (1) Michael b. 1821 in IR, d. 6 Jun 1865 Waterford, Clinton Co, Iowa, USA; married Elizabeth O'Meara 6 Jul 1847, Carleton Co, Ontario, Canada; 6 children. (2) MaryAnn b. 1821 IR, d. 26 Dec 1904, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; m. Roderick Cawley/Cauley 4 Apr 1853; 3 children. (3) Honora b. 1831 Canada, d. 7 Dec 1908 in Carleton, Ontario, Canada; m. James Douras 17 Apr 1860 Carleton, Ontario, Canada; 4 children. (4) JOHN b. 1835 Canada, (see 2.).

    2. JOHN GLEESON b. 1835 Canada, d. 21 Apr 1915, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA. m. Margaret Tierney 15 Feb 1858, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; 10 children: Martin b. 1859, ANNA M. b. 1860, John J b. 1861, Mary M b. 1863, Elizabeth M b. 1865, Helena M b. 1867, Michael P b. 1869, Wm C. b 1871, Margaret T b 1873, Francis T b. 1877.

    3. ANNA MARIE GLEESON, b. 13 Feb 1860 Carleton, Ontario, Canada; d. 3 Jan 1912, Deer Lodge Co, Montana, USA; m. John H. Sullivan 1882 Dakota Territory, USA; 6 children: Helena b. 1883, Loretto b. 1885, John C. b. 1887, Rosemary b. 1889, Ethel b. 1891, ANNA M. b. 1892.

    4. ANNA MARIE SULLIVAN, b. 15 Oct 1892, Deer Lodge Co, Montana, USA, d. 14 Feb 1979 Santa Clara Co, California, USA; m. Wm Cyril Hork 30 Nov 1922, Butte, Silver Bow Co, Montana, USA. 5 Children: Ethel L., Virginia, June, Annabell, WM J.

    5. Father, b. 1930 in California.

    6. Me, b. California (autosomal kit

  12. Sandra Lindsay
    1. Esther GLEESON b. unk. abt. 1771 d. Birr, Co. Offaly 1804 – 1821 m. Birr, Offaly 1797 Thomas LINDSAY
    2. John LINDSAY b. Birr, Offaly 1800 d. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada 1881 m. 1. Ireland abt. 1826 Elizabeth POOLE b. Laois abt. 1797 d. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 1848; m. 2. York, Ontario, Canada 1850 Esther BEYNON b. Shinrone, Offaly, Ireland 1818 d. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 1851
    3. John Thomas Beynon LINDSAY b. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 1851 d. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada 1891 m. Newton Brook, Ontario, Canada 1877 Anne Elizabeth FRANCIS
    4. Arthur Stanley LINDSAY b. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada 1883 d. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1957 m. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1907 Clara Isabel NOBLE
    5. William Webster LINDSAY b. Toronto, Ontario, Canada d. Oakville, Ontario, Canada m. Clarkson, Ontario, Canada Jean Risk HODGETTS

    1. 1. MARTIN GLEESON b 1791, d. 1859 Nepean, Carlton County, Ontario, Canada - m. ANN. Emmigrated to Ottowa Canada & found on the McCabe List.
      2. JOHN GLEESON b. 1835 Ontario Canada, d. 1915 Oregon USA, m. Margaret Tierney b. 1835 Ontario Canada, d. 1920 Oregon USA in 1859 Ontario Canada.
      3. JOHN JAMES GLEESON b. 1862 Ontario Canada d. 1934 South Dakota USA, m. Susan Smith b. 1862 Iowa USA d. 1944 Iowa USA m. in 1894 South Dakota USA.
      4. HAROLD GLEESON b. 1895 South Dakota USA d. 1950 California USA m.IRENE BINGENHEIMER b. 1899 Iowa USA d. 1993 Illinois USA in 1921 Minnesota USA.
      5. ROBERT GLEASON b. 1925 South Dakota USA d. 1988 Minnesota USA m. C.D. in 1948 Minnesota USA
      6. Me: Kris Gleason Miller hodgepodge51 at

    2. Thanks Kris. Can you get a male Gleason relative to do the Y-DNA-37 test? It would help determine the country of origin of your Gleeson line, and probably which county too.

    3. Unfortunately I don't know any but will keep looking.

  13. Hi--

    I'm posting my Gleeson info here, since I have no way of completing a Y-chromosome DNA test. The known male Gleesons in my line are 4 generations back, and their descendants are (as yet) unknown to me.

    Although I've tested autosomal DNA with Ancestry and 23andme, I've not used FTDNA at all, so I guess I'm sort of out of luck with this group.

    My line of Gleeson/Gleasons is fairly prolific in Rhode Island, in the Berkeley, Cumberland area. Hugh's family all left Bansha/Ballyglasheen in 1895 to join his daughter who moved there a bit earlier (perhaps 1885). Most worked in the cotton mills in that area of the Blackstone Valley.

    1-Patrick Gleason
    b: Jan 1825, (likely) Tipperary, Ireland
    d: between 1900 and 1910, (likely) Rhode Island, United States
    +Julia Hogan
    d: bef 1900

    2-Hugh Gleason
    b: 1845, (likely) Ballyglasheen, Kilfeakle, Tipperary, Ireland
    d: 23 Apr 1900, Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
    +Mary Dwyer
    b: 1841, Tipperary, Ireland
    m: 4 Nov 1866, Golden, Kilfeakle, Tipperary, Ireland
    d: 30 Jan 1899, Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

    3-Bridget V. Gleason
    b: May 1885, Ballyglasheen, Kilfeakle, Tipperary, Ireland
    d: 15 Dec 1970, North Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
    +George Daniel Bonner Sr.
    b: 24 Sep 1885, North Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
    m: 1907
    d: 1958, North Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States

    4-George Daniel Bonner Jr.
    b: 2 May 1908, Rhode Island, United States
    d: 11 Mar 1981, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
    +Mary Hazel Giles
    b: 17 Jan 1910, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
    d: 3 Dec 1995, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States

    5-WFB (father)

    6-DEB (me)

    1. Thanks DEB - do you have contact details or kit numbers to share? if so, simply hit reply and provide the details. Cheers, Maurice

    2. Sure! dbonnerma@ ...
      My gedmatch kit numbers are:

      My father's number is: M083101

    3. Also, Correction on info above: The Gleesons joined PATRICK's daughter Mary, Hugh's sister, who had migrated to Rhode Island prior to August 1895

  14. Here is my line;-

    1 - Daniel GLEESON b abt 1810 Upperchurch/Drombane, m Mary PURCELL 7 Feb 1842 Upperchurch/Drombane

    2 - John GLEESON b Dec 1848 Upperchuch/Drombane d Q2 1927 m Margaret KENNEDY 26 Feb 1895 Drombane RC Church

    3 - Martin GLEESON b 15 Jan 1900 Lowerwood, Upperchurch/Drombane d 10 Jun 1969 Royal Leamington Spa/Warwick, England m Catherine Mary Wall Q3 1928 Clogheen, Tipperary

    4 - JJG (My Father) b Clogheen, Tipperary d Royal Leamington Spa/Warwick, England m CB (my mother) St Peters RC Church, Royal Leamington Spa/Warwick

    5 GMG (me) b Royal Leamington Spa/Warwick. (Kit no.437987 Y-DNA37)

  15. My Gleason line (so far):

    1. Patrick Gleason b 17 Mar 1851, Ireland m Margaret Gallagher, Port Colborne, ON, Canada, d bef 1921

    2. Harry Harold Gleason (born Henry Morris Gleason) 9 Nov 1895, Cardinal, ON, Canada m Rosell Scott Robertson 24 May 1918 in Hamilton, ON, canada, d 21 Jan 1979 Rochester NY USA

    3. Joseph Harold Gleason b 27 Dec 1919 St. Catharines, ON, Canada m Margaret Mary O'Halloran 22 Jun 18946 Rochester NY USA d 2 Apr 2009 Penfield NY USA

    4. Patrick Michael Gleason b 17 Nov 1949 Rochester NY USA m Anne Marie Smith 17 Jul 1976 Penfield NY

    5. GEDMatch #A985609

  16. 1. Matthew Gleeson bc1818 ?Lisbunny d1914 Ballydrinan
    2. Michael Gleeson c1863 Ballydrinan d1931 Ballydrinan
    3. Edward Gleeson b1916 Ballydrinan d1993 Kilcolman
    4. MGG (371202)

  17. 1. Daniel Gleeson b1833 ?Ballycahill, Tipperary, d 1911 Ballycahill, Tipperary, m Margaret Boyle (1837-1923)
    2. Terence Gleeson b 1867 Ballycahill, d 1945 Dublin, m Anne Moloney (1860-1946)
    3. Daniel Gleeson b 1898 Ballycahill, d 1940 Nenagh, Tipperary, m Eileen Mary O’Keefe (1911-1973)
    4 TG (437988, G-95) & NG (437964)

  18. 1. Patrick Gleeson b c 1820, Tipperary, Ireland; d. unknown m. unknown
    2. John Gleeson b c. 1840, Kilmore, Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland; d. 1887 Kilmore, Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland; m Catherine Quigley
    3. Catherine Gleeson b. 1882, Kilmore, Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland; d 1960 Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA; m. Charles Oschmann

  19. From MPH-1713
    My name is MPH. My father's name was Francis Joseph Gleason b. 29 Jan 1913 in Boston, MA. His father was Joseph Gerald Gleason b. 5 Feb 1888 in Norwich, CT. His father was John Frances Gleeson b. 1850 and baptized on 22 Sep 1850 in Moyne and Templetuohy, Tipperary, Ireland. He was married to Julie Ann (Julianan) Donegan, a first generation American b. 1857 in Connecticut whose parents were also from Tipperary. His parents were John Gleeson (b. Mar 1805 in Ballimamick, Tipperary and baptized 21 Mar 1805 in Loughmore and Castleiny, Tipperary) and Honoria Mary Fitzgerald.

  20. 1) GLEASON, W. A. (William Agustus Gleason) [his parents info unsure]
    b. 28 Oct 1822 Worcester county, Massachusetts
    d. 12 May 1902 Buried in Lee Mission Cemetery, Salem, Oregon
    In June, 1857, he was married to Miss Lydia E. Lucore, at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and in 1864 crossed the plains to Oregon.

    2) Son: Frank Albert Gleason
    b. June 08,1862 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    d. June 08,1945 of prostate cancer and buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Ellensburg, Washington, later joined by his second wife.
    Married twice, the first wife, Martha (Mattie)Cummins, dying with all but one of their children as well dying from Tuberculosis, and with her approval marrying their nurse to care for their children for second wife : Abbie May French (Yates) Gleason on October 06, 1903 in Salem Oregon.

    3) Daughter: Elda Ellen Gleason (Poland)
    b. June 28, 1917, Ellensburg, Washington
    d. June 27, 2009, Vancouver, Washington of unspecified cancer in the hospital, just one day before she would have been 92, and buried at Evergreen Memorial Gardens next to her husband Elmer Edwin Poland.

    We have family documents to prove, but here are online citations:

  21. 1)John J. or Joseph J Gleason b c1878 Pennsylvania,USA m Helen or Ella Tucker c1902
    2)Horace Earl Gleason b 2 Dec 1907 Oakland,California,USA m Genevieve Buchanan
    US Census has John or Joseph's father and mother were both from Ireland. Horace Earl was orphaned at between age 3 (1910) and 13 (1920).

  22. 1) Patrick Gleason, b 1851 Ireland, lived in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA m. Margaret GALLAGHER
    2) Henry Morris Gleason (aka Harry Harold Gleason) b. 9 Nov 1895, Cardinal,Ontario,Canada,m. 24 May 1918 Rose Ellen Mary ROBERTSON (aka Rosell Scott Robertson) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, d. 21 Jan 1979 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA
    3) Joseph Harold Gleason b. St. Catharines, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada, m. Margaret Mary O'HALLORAN Rochester, Monroe New York, USA , d. Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA
    4) PMG-6085

  23. 1. Patrick GLEESON, b circa 1786-1792, possibly Toomevara, Tipperary m Judith DWYER (b 1792, d Dec 1866). Patrick d either before 1855 or on 14 March 1866 in Toomevara, Tipperary.
    2. Bridget GLEESON, b circa 1836 (not sure where), d 19 December 1915 Sydney, Australia; m 24 May 1857 Matthew KENNEDY (b 1831, d 15 June 1904), Sydney, Australia
    3. Catherine KENNEDY, b 26 July 1882, at Long Reach, Macleay River, NSW Australia, d 6 December 1940, Balmain, NSW, Australia; m William MUNRO (b 24 December 1879; d 11 April 1949) on 7 February1906, at Long Reach, Macleay River, NSW Australia.
    4. Mona MUNRO, b 9 June 1906 at Long Reach, Macleay River, NSW Australia; d < 50 yrs ago; m Patrick TYLER (b 12 March 1905; d <50 yrs ago), 1932, Balmain Australia.
    5. Me

    Researcher: (CC)
    Your email address: (
    DNA Kit numbers: (xx5009)
    Link to your online tree: Tyler Tree in Ancestry

  24. 1. James Gleeson b c1800, m. Mary Ryan (Tipperary)
    2. Martin Gleeson b1829 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, d1911, m. Bridget Begley (Brooklyn)
    3. grandfather
    4. father
    5. JRG-8976 (G-71)

  25. 1. Patrick GLEESON, b circa 1786-1792, possibly Toomevara, Tipperary m Judith DWYER (b 1792, d Dec 1866). Patrick d either before 1855 or on 14 March 1866 in Toomevara, Tipperary.
    2. Bridget GLEESON, b circa 1836 Toomevara, Tipperary d 19 Dec 1915 Sydney, Australia; m 24 May 1857 Matthew KENNEDY (b 1831, d 15 June 1904), Sydney, Australia
    3. Margaret Mary KENNEDY, b 15 Mar 1858 Sydney, Australia d 29 Dec 1877 Burwood, Australia; m 13 Aug 1877 Timothy Gannon, Macleat River, Australia
    4. Matthew Edward GANNON, b 9 Aug 1891 Pelican Island, Australia d 22 Jul 1951 Concord Australia; m 10 Apr 1928 Aimee V Lyons Sydney, Australia
    5. Mother
    6. Me

    Researcher: MH
    DNA Kit numbers: xxx0531 (MH) & xxx6543 (PG)
    Link to online tree: Dean/Hassett Extended tree in Ancestry

  26. Great-Great-Grandfather: David GLEESON, born 1806, Co. Cork - died July 20, 1846, Gurteen, Bandon, Co. Cork - buried at the Aghinagh (Aghina) Burial Ground plot # 19, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork. November 9, 1836 - David GLEESON married Catherine Purcell (born 1805 - died May 23, 1887 - buried at the Aghinagh (Aghina) Burial Ground plot # 19, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork.
    Children of David and Catherine Purcell GLEESON:
    --Thomas Purcell GLEESON (Great-grandfather), born August 1, 1837 in Co. Cork, Ireland. Thomas married Margaret Lahane (born May 20, 1838 in Co. Cork) on February 13, 1866. They emigrated to Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA in 1878 with their children. Thomas Purcell GLEESON died November 7, 1888 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Children of Thomas and Margaret Lahane GLEESON:
    --David GLEESON, born March 6, 1867, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork;
    --Timothy GLEESON (grandfather), born April 18, 1868, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork;
    --John GLEESON, born March 2, 1870, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork;
    --Jeremiah GLEESON, born February 26, 1873, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork;
    --Maryann GLEESON, born August 14, 1875, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork; and
    --Catherine GLEESON, born April 20, 1876, Clonmoyle, Co. Cork.
    Grandfather - Timothy GLEESON (GLEASON) married Catherine Mary INGERTON in 1907 in Massachusetts. Catherine Mary INGERTON's father was William INGERTON (born in Co. Cork). William INGERTON married Mary Foley (born 1850 in Co. Cork). They had five children: my grandmother - Catherine Mary INGERTON (born 1873 in Blarney, Co. Cork), Johanna Mary INGERTON, Thomas INGERTON, Nellie INGERTON, and David INGERTON who were all born in Blarney, Co. Cork. Catherine, Johanna Mary and Thomas emigrated to the U.S. in 1907.
    --Son of David GLEESON: The Reverand Brother GLEESON, who worked at the Upton Industrial School, Upton, Ireland;
    --Son of David GLEESON: John GLEESON of Gurteen, Bandon, Ireland, died in 1907 or 1908 is buried at St. Patrick's Cemetery, Bandon. John GLEESON was a prominent educator and leader in the Catholic Church of Ireland. He married Mary O'Callaghan. She had a brother: Dr. J.J. O'Callaghan of Dunmanway. John and Mary GLEESON had the following children: John; David; Jerome; Nora (married FNU Granger); Mary "Minnie"; and a third daughter Kate who married a Murphy. John GLEESON's nephews: Jeremiah and William Barrett. Other nephews: Messrs. O'Mahoney, Collins and GLEESON.
    Obituary of John GLEESON, Gurteen, Bandon, Ireland:
    Daughter of John and Mary O'Callaghan GLEESON: Nora GLEESON Granger had two daughters:
    --Jane "Babs" Granger, born 1918 in Co. Cork married FNU Murphy. Jane "Babs" Murphy, Lackareigh, Lissarda, Co. Cork. Jane's children: Denis J. Murphy, Kilbarry, Lissarda, Co. Cork; Kathleen Murphy Crowley, who married John Joe Crowley; and Carmel Murphy Harkin, who married Hugh Harkin.
    --Mary "Maureen" Granger, born in Co. Cork married FNU Spillane. Maureen died about 1994 in Ireland.
    --Daughter of David GLEESON: (FNU)GLEESON. She married a man named O'Mahoney.
    Father - Thomas William Gleason, born July 15, 1915 in Wakefield, MA. On September 15, 1940, Married Louise Sidney Robertson in Richford, VT. Obituary: April 15, 1987 - Thomas W. Gleason, 71; Besides his wife, Louise Robertson Gleason, he leaves a daughter, Roberta G. Setter; a son, Steven R. Gleason.

    NOTE: FNU = First Name Unknown.

  27. 1. Matthew (circa 1806),
    2. John (circa 1836),
    3. James (1879),
    4. John (1916),
    5. LG-5806 (G-79)

  28. 1) Margaret GLEESON Ireland m. Edward TIERNEY Ireland
    2) Dennis TIERNEY b. bet 1811-1814 Tipperary, Ireland m. Elizabeth D'Arcy 17 April 1839 Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland d. 3 February 1894 Dungog, NSW, Australia
    3) John D'Arcy TIERNEY b. 18 March 1851 Dungog, NSW, Australia m Mary KEALY 7 Jul 1886 West Maitland, NSW, Australia d.16 Dec 1924, Dungog, NSW, Australia
    4) Mary TIERNEY b 18 May 1887 Dungog, NSW, Australia M. Thomas CURRY 4 Dec 1918 Lavender Bay, NSW, Australia d.
    5) My Dad
    6) Me - JB DNA Kit number: 4376
    Female Cousin 1 DNA Kit number: 1011
    Female Cousin 2 DNA Kit number: 1010
    7) My Daughter
    8) My Grandson DNA Kit number 2061

    Researcher: (JB)
    Your email address: (jillballau) AT
    Link to your online tree:

  29. 1) Mathew GLEESON b c1808, d c1890 Tipperary?, m 22 February 1835 Bridget RAHILLY, Killaloe, Co. Clare
    2) Thomas GLEESON b c1836, Co. Clare, d 8 Aug 1918, Illowa, Victoria, Aus, m Mary Ann LANE 16 Aug 1866, Victoria, Aus
    3) Matthew Michael GLEESON b 1869, Yangery (Woodford), Vic, Aus, d 23 Aug 1955, Warrnambool, Victoria, Aus, m 1895 Hannah Frances CONHEADY, Warrnambool. Victoria, Aus
    4) John Joseph GLEESON b 1899, Warrnambool, Victoria, Aus, d 1975, Illowa, Victoria, Aus, m 1932 Eileen Margaret Blomeley, Geelong, Victoria, Aus
    5) MHG-6634 b Warrnambool, Victoria, Aus
    6) NAG-6635 b Dandenong, Victoria, Aus ... & DG-0858

    Researcher: NAG-6635 & DG-0858
    Email address: soulpurpose AT
    Link to online tree:

  30. DG-0858 b South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  31. William GLEASON b. 1798, d. 1873 in Markham, Ontario; m Juliana O'Brien
    Mortimer GLEASON b. 1828 Ballynahinch, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, d. March 20, 1912, Markham, Ontario; m. Ann Ryan September 28, 1851, Toronto, Ontario
    William GLEASON b. July 21, 1852 in Markham, Ontario, (d. between 1912-1922 in Wisconsin?); m. Elizabeth Blakeley, May 23, 1878, Richmond Hill, Ontario
    Amelia (later changed to Mildred) GLEASON, b. November 25, 1884, Markham, Ontario, d. June 29, 1965, Toronto, Ontario; m. William Slee, June 25, 1902, Toronto, Ontario
    Marjorie Gretta SLEE, b. October 2, 1907 Toronto, Ontario, d. Toronto; m. Francis Joseph Cartan
    my mother
    me (A.R.) andrearicard AT

  32. 1. Michael Gleeson b c 1850; m Ellen Slattery
    2. Michael John Gleeson b 17 Nov 1874 - South Dublin, Ireland
    3. Michael Gleeson
    4. Martin Gleeson
    5. MPG-4865

  33. 1. Ellen Gleason, b. 1797 Tipperary, Ireland; died 1884 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin; m. John Dwyer
    2. Catherine Dwyer, b. 1836 Ballycahill, Tipperary, Ireland; died 1909 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin; m. William August Winzenburg
    3. George Winzenburg, b. 1870 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin; died 1950 Fairmont, Minnesota; m. Catherine Daly
    4. Leo Winzenburg, b. 1910 Minnesota
    5. MW-2099, mlwinzenburg at gmail, please write for link to tree at Ancestry

  34. 1. Catherine Gleeson b 1816 Furroor, Kilmaley, Clare, Ireland m. Michael Eustace
    2. Michael Eustace b 1848, same place m. Honor Eustace
    3. Catherine Eustace b 1900, same place m. Patrick Murphy
    4. Father Murphy
    5. Me


  35. 1) Patrick Gleeson (estimated b. 1844, d. 1889), m. Johanna Bourke Gleeson (estimated b. 1850 Ireland, d. Jan 1913 Ohio)
    2) Patrick Gleeson, b. Jan 1867 Tipperary Ireland, immigrated 1886, m. 1891 Pennsylvania, Mary O’Brien, b. 1846 Ireland, d. Mar 1903 Massachusetts
    3) William Joseph Gleason Sr., b. 1900 New Jersey, d. Jun 1950 Ohio, m. 1922 Bessie Naomi England, b. 1900 New Jersey
    4) William Joseph Gleason Jr., b. Illinois (grandfather), m. Susan Gabriel
    5) Thomas Gleason-6439, b. Ohio (father)
    6) CG-5074
    email: gleasocd AT
    online tree:

  36. 1. Andrew Gleason (Gleeson), b 1860, Bracken County, Kentucky USA; m. Mary Haggerty, 1883 (Mason County, KY, USA)
    2. John Joseph Gleason, b 1887 Mason County KY, USA ; m. Sophia Kaiser, 1916, Cincinnati, OH, USA d. 1975 (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
    3. RCG (my grandfather)
    4. EMG - 5854
    5. CMG (researcher) phirhoflyer AT

  37. My pedigree appears related to the post on 10 Mar 2017
    1. James GLEESON b c1798 Silvermines, 5319, Tipperary d 16 Dec 1874 Nenagh, Silvermines, m 19 Apr 1828 (or 19 Feb 1898) Mary RYAN Kilkenny (place of birth)
    2.Martin GLEESON b Nov 1829, Nenagh, Tipperary d 26 May 1911 Ottawa IL USA, m 2 Feb 1874 Ottawa IL USA Bridget BAGLEY b Brooklyn NY
    3.Martin Michael GLEESON b 10 Apr 1888, Ottawa IL USA, d 20 Dec 1967 Chicago, IL USA m 14 Jun 1919 Chicago, IL USA Margaret Mary MONAHAN Chicago, IL USA
    4. Lawrence Edward GLEESON b. 14 Jun 1920, Chicago IL USA d 20 Aug 1997 Norridge, IL USA m 14 AUG 1941? Louise BRUNO Chicago IL
    5. ME, my brother and my sister
    6. My 2 sons and 2 nephews and 1 neice
    7. My grandson and granddaughter
    EMAIL: mac AT
    DNA KIT numbers:
    On line tree at Margaret Gleeson Connelly
    I completed an autosomal DNA test in Feb 2018 and my nephew also completed one but I don't understand the DNA KIT numbers being requested. Where do we find them?

    1. Transferred autosomal to Family Tree on 3/31. DNA Kit number:...8888. I will join the project and am trying to get my brother to submit a Big Y test but no luck yet.

  38. Note: My lineage is a bit complicated due to relatives marrying.
    (r=Rollin Gleason line s=Susan Gleason line)
    Also, I appear to be DNA connected to multiple people with earlier Gleason roots in Massachusetts.
    7r, 8s) George Gleason b: 1748 Harvard, Massachusetts US; d. 1844 Fitchburg, Massachusetts m. Elizabeth Sanderson
    6r, 7s) David Gleason b. 1773 Harvard, Massachusetts; d. 1860 Manchester, Vermont m. Louisa Robinson
    5r, 6s) Artemus Gleason b. 1795 Harvard, Massachusetts; d. 1882 Bennington, Vermont m. Urania Weed
    5s) George W. Gleason b.1826 Manchester, Vermont; d. 1881 St. Peter, Minnesota m. Note: My lineage is a bit complicated due to relatives marrying.
    (r=Rollin Gleason line s=Susan Gleason line)
    Also, I appear to be DNA connect to multiple people with earlier Gleason roots in Massachusetts.
    7r, 8s) George Gleason b: 1748 Harvard, Massachusetts US; d. 1844 Fitchburg, Massachusetts m. Elizabeth Sanderson
    6r, 7s) David Gleason b. 1773 Harvard, Massachusetts; d. 1860 Manchester, Vermont m. Louisa Robinson
    5r, 6s) Artemus Gleason b. 1795 Harvard, Massachusetts; d. 1882 Bennington, Vermont
    5s) George W. Gleason b.1826 Vermont; d. 1881 St. Peter, Minnesota) m. Ann Walrad Petrie
    4r) Rollin Gleason b. 1849 Manchester, Vermont; d. 1922 Egan, South Dakota m. Susan Gleason
    4s) Susan Gleason b. 1853 New York State; d. 1898 Egan, South Dakota m. Rollin Gleason
    3) Myrtle Gleason b. Egan, South Dakota 1894; d. Benson, Minnesota m. Martin K
    2) JK (father)
    1) CK AM17066
    online tree: Ancestry, private. Please contact me for access.

  39. 1. Thomas Gleason b 1609 Suffolk, England; m Susanna PAGE
    2. Joseph Gleason b 1642 Watertown, MA; d 1715 Sudbury, MA; m Martha RUSSELL then Abigail GARFIELD (Joseph is the son of Joseph and Martha)
    3. Joseph Gleason b 1671 Sudbury, MA; d 1711 Sudbury, MA; m Hannah MOORE
    4. Phineas Gleason b 1710 Sudbury, MA; d 1735 Sudbury, MA; m Rebecca ALLEN
    5. Benjamin Gleason b 1734 Sudbury, MA; d 1818 Spencer, MA; m Dorothy ALLEN
    6. Elisha Gleason b 1762 Sudbury, MA; m Tamsin HIGGINS
    7. Reuben Gleason b 1795, Jamaica, VT; d 1875 Chesterville, OH, m Olive AUSTIN
    8. Sylvester Gleason b 1839, Chesterville, Ohio d 1921 Fredericktown, OH, m Burrilla H Howard
    9 Rueben Howard Gleason b 1874, Chesterville, OH d 1943 Fredericktown, OH m Hattie McFarland
    10 Howard McKinley Gleason b 1896, Chesterville, OH d 1965 m Ella Gay Wilson
    11 Betty Marie Gleason b Chesterville, OH m Hubert Blaine Sears
    12 Jeanette Sears b Marengo, Oh

  40. 1. Michael Gleeson b ukn
    2. Thomas William Gleeson b 1840 Tipperary; d 1905 Dublin; m Margaret Louisa Connolly 1885 England
    3. Frederick Charles Gleeson b 1894 Dublin; d 1965 Lower Hutt New Zealand, m Winnifred Margaret Grey
    4. Pauline Genevieve Gleeson, b 1934 New Zealand
    5. Rachel Maree Tegg, b 1964 New Zealand; Gedmatch A043342

  41. 1) Thomas Gleeson b. c 1870 Tipperary? m. Ellen Dwyer b. c 1870 Tipperary?
    2) Judy Gleeson b. 1814 baptized 7 Jan 1814 Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland [sponsors Pat Hogan & Catherine Dwyer] d. 1871 Lucan, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada m. Patrick Dougherty b. 1805 Tipperary? d. 1865 Lucan, Ontario, Canada (they had 2 sons & 3 daughters between 1830 and 1844, baptized in Nenagh, Cloughjordan and Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland) before emigrating to Canada.
    3) Michael Denis Dougherty b Aug 1830 Cloughjordan parish, Killaloe, Tipperary, Ireland d. 19 May 1918 Alliance Box Butte Co., Nebraska, USA m. 26 Jan 1856 Lucan, Ontario, Canada Winnifred Cain b. 1837 Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland [d/o William Cain & Hannah Flannery] d. 1 Sept 1887 Covington, Nebraska, USA
    4) Theresa Winifred Dougherty b. 12 Sep 1875 Dubuque, Iowa, USA d. 16 Apr 1928 Alliance, Box Butte Co., Nebraska m. 4 Nov 1897 Alliance, Nebraska William Henry Dacy b. 16 Apr 1897 Harvard, McHenry Co., Illinois [s/o Jeremiah Dacy & Hannah O'Neil] d. 8 Dec 1925 Sioux City, Woodbury Co. Iowa
    5) William Henry Dacy b 1900 d. 1976 m. Anna Gotchy b. 1906 d. 1999
    6) Gene Dacy b. 1926 d. 2003 m. Patricia Galas
    7) Patric Dacy USA

    Ancestry gedcom: Dacy_2009-12-6_2009-12-29_AutoBackup
    gedmatch #: A563992
    Location: Redondo Beach, California

  42. 1. James GLEESON b c1798 Silvermines, 5319, Tipperary d 16 Dec 1874 Nenagh, Silvermines, m 19 Apr 1828 (or 19 Feb 1898) Mary RYAN Kilkenny (place of birth)
    2. Martin GLEESON b Nov 1829, Nenagh, Tipperary d 26 May 1911 Ottawa IL USA, m 2 Feb 1874 Ottawa IL USA Bridget BAGLEY b Brooklyn NY
    3. Martin Michael GLEESON b 10 Apr 1888, Ottawa IL USA, d 20 Dec 1967 Chicago, IL USA m 14 Jun 1919 Chicago, IL USA Margaret Mary MONAHAN Chicago, IL USA
    4. Lawrence Edward GLEESON b.1920, Chicago IL USA; m Louise Bxxxx Chicago IL
    5. ME, my brother and my sister
    6. My 2 sons and 2 nephews and 1 niece of my brother and 2 nieces and 1 nephew of my sister.
    7. My grandson and granddaughter
    DNA KIT numbers:...8888
    On line tree at Margaret Gleeson Connelly

  43. 1) Daniel GLEESON b c1815 Co.Tipperary, d 16 Apr 1896 Deloraine, Tasmania Australia m 20 Apr 1850 Bridget HAYES, Launceston, Tasmania Australia
    2) Cornelius GLEESON b 5 Feb 1859 Deloraine Tasmania Australia, d 2 Jul 1926 Deloraine, Tasmania Australia, m Honora BENNETT 7 Jun 1882 Deloraine, Tasmania Australia
    3) Alice May GLEESON b 29 May 1896 m Lionel George BAKER 25 Feb 1914 Tasmania
    4) My grandfather and his four brothers and three sisters
    5) My father and his eight brothers and three sisters
    6) Myself and my brother
    Researcher: MW
    DNA Kit numbers: 7047
    Link to your online tree:

  44. 1. Mortimer Gleeson b. Abt 1805 Borrisoleigh m Kitty Bourke who was b. 1807. He was a stonemason as were most of his children

    2. William Gleeson b. 18/3/1834 (Died 18 Mar 1878 Borrisoleigh) married 4 Feb 1858 Honoria Dunne (B.13 Jul 1843 • Ballaroon(sic Ballyroan), Borrisoleigh died 4 Apr 1916 • Borrisoleigh, Tipperary, Ireland) witness to marriage was Cornelius Dunne
    Their children were: Thomas 1861-1941, Mary 1861-1911, William 1863-1941, Catherine 1867-1868 and James 1867-1867 (Twins), Cornelius (my Grandfather) 1869-1945, Mortimer 1872-1912 and Michael 1875-1967. All the boys were stone masons bar Michael who was a teacher.

    3. Cornelius Gleeson 27 Jan 1869 Borrisoleigh (Died 1945 have to check date) m. Mary Bourke (b. 1877) and they moved to Summerhill to plot 8 on the Griffith Valuation of townlands which was previously occupied by Cantwell. Mary died sometime after 1911 and he married my grandmother Catherine (Kitty) Power who came from Waterford and who was introduced to him by Mrs Wallace of Summerhill house who had came from Waterford to marry.

    1. Researcher:MG

      Link to tree

      No DNA completed as of yet

    2. Hi, Maggie! Looks like we have a common ancestor in Mortimer Gleeson. My branch of the family descends from his son James(1835-1918)who came to the U.S. in 1868 and worked as a stonemason in Brooklyn, New York, and Jersey City, New Jersey. Several descendants have completed DNA tests. Would enjoy comparing notes!

    3. Hello. Sorry about the delay in replying. I would be super excited to share whatever info I have.

    4. Hi Maggie,
      I am wsmorganv's Uncle Bill Gleeson. My Father is William John Gleeson from Jersey City, N.J. m. Ruth Norton Gleeson. I have my DNA and I am Working on our Tree.
      Thanks Bill in Orlando, Fl. (

  45. Hi

    This is still a work in progress!

    James Gleeson, b. 1771 Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; died 1843 Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick
    Michael Gleeson, b. XXX Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; died XXX Kilduffahoo. Co. Limerick; m. Allie Kirby
    Maurice Gleeson, b. 1843 Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; died 1926 Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; m. Mary Butler
    Michael Gleeson, b. 1865 Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; died 1956 Kilduffahoo. Co. Limerick; m. Alice Doyle
    Andrew Gleeson, b. 1907 Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; died XXX Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; m. Anne Russell
    Michael Gleeson, b. XXX Kildfuffahoo. Co. Limerick; living; m. Maureen (Mary Ann) O’Callaghan
    Roy Gleeson, b. XXX Kilduffahoo, Co. Limerick; living;
    RG8034 – Initials:
    Email: roygleeon5 AT
    Family tree:

    1. Apologies, email is roygleeson5 AT forgot the "s"...


  46. 1) Michael Gleeson b? Tipperary?
    2) Thomas Gleeson,b. c 1840 Tipperary died 1905 Clontarf, Dublin
    3) Frederick Charles Gleeson b 1894 Dublin, died 1965 Lower Hutt, New Zealand
    4) PG-8688
    5) Email c.-

  47. 1) Timothy Gleeson m. Catherine Ryan
    2) Matthew Gleeson b.1857 Tipperary d. 1933 Sydney, Australia m. Bridget Rogan b. 1862 Leitrim d. 1947 Sydney, Australia
    3) Annie Maria Gleeson b. 1890 Sydney, Aust. m. Percy Middleton b.1891 Bradford, England d. 1933 Sydney, Aust.
    4) John Francis Middleton b. 1916 m. Monica O'Brien
    5) Anthony Middleton
    Gedmatch kit: kd5732203
    online tree:

  48. Eileen Rhine to Roderick Gleason

    1 ) Roderick Gleason b: Abt 1813 in Ireland, d: Bef. 1880 m. Margaret (emigrated to NY abt 1870) b: 1815 in Ireland (sons John b. abt. 1837 and Roderick, b. abt 1841 also emigrated)

    2 ) Bridget Gleason b: 1841 in Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland, d: 29 Jul 1889 in New York, New York, m. Abt 1874 Sylvester J Russell b: 09 Jul 1837 in Ireland, d: 18 May 1896 in New York, USA

    3 ) John Roderick Russell b: 12 Sep 1873 in New York, USA, d. 27 Feb 1923. m: 11 Oct 1904. Catherine Elizabeth Kenny b: 06 Nov 1884 in New York; d: 03 Mar 1945

    4 ) Marie Dolores Russell (mother) m. Arthur Edward Rhine

    5 ) ER-3911

    FT DNA kit B313911
    GEDmatch kit no A322932

  49. RE: William (Wiley) Elias Glisson b1816 GA; d1887 GA, Short hand Code: R-A13119 Kit: 411177
    I hesitated to bother you because I am not a member of this group, but I saw my great great grandfather’s name on your pages and nearly hyperventilated because we have been trying to determine the identity of his father on and have gotten nowhere in spite of hundreds of hours of research and your research was the first I found on a prestigious site that I knew I could count on the data, if only I knew how to use it.
    My mom and dad spent the last 20 years of their life together trying to solve the mystery. Dad passed and mom is now in a nursing home. I am desperately trying to finish the quest that she and dad were unable to complete. I took a DNA test and have a tree at: Anyone who might help me give this gift to my precious 91 yr. old mom, I would be so grateful. She lost her husband, broke her hip twice a month later, had to sell her home, moved into an apartment, then lost everything there to Hurricane Harvey…but she still smiles all the time and thanks God for her blessings. We lost our home too and were displaced for a year and a half, but my cousin gave me a 6 month subscription to Ancestry thinking the research would help distract me from all our negative life events. It would have, except I keep running into dead ends and tons of misinformation about Wiley. Could anyone give me any hints? Regardless, thanks for your wonderful site (even if I don’t understand it). Donna Guidry dguidry AT is the best way to reach me.

    1. Thanks for your message, Donna - I have just sent you an email.


    2. Maurice, do I need to enter the info regarding Wiley (from Lineage II) and use the format this forum uses, or is this only for Gleasons/Gleesons?

    3. Please do enter Wiley's lineage to you using the format above. Cheers, M

  50. 1) Patrick GLEESON b 1810 d 1870
    2) Daniel GLEESON b 1831 d 1911 m Margaret BOYLE
    3) Terence GLEESON b 1867 d 1945 m Anne MALONEY
    4) William GLEESON b 1903 d 1966 m Margaret CURRAN b 1911 d ... (moved from Tipp to Dublin)
    5) DJG b X d X m KS
    6) me - WJG
    7) my 3 sons

    Researcher WJG - apologies for any inaccuracies, very new to this.
    Email gleesonbATgmailDOTcom
    no DNA test done yet, would appreciate guidance on best path here

    1. updated with kit B544004, and MDKA Michael Gleeson, not Patrick.

  51. 1) William Wiley Glisson b. 1818 (disputed to be 1816) Georgia; d 3 Nov 1887 Decatur Co, Georgia m Tersa Ann Yates
    2) Levin Elias “Leon” Glisson b 1858 d1914 m 1881 Laura Ann Elizabeth Daughtry b 1862 d1939
    3) George Wiley Glisson Sr b 1882 d1949 m Pauline Esther (Essie or Etta) Bennett Glisson/Gleason Smith b 1891 d 1971 (*she left GWG Sr. and started spelling her name Gleason; never divorced him, just out-lived him and remarried)
    4) George Wiley Gleason/Glisson Jr. b 10 October < less than 100 yrs ago d 8 May <less than 50 yrs ago m VAM (living) 6 Jul < less than 75 yrs ago
    5) Me, daughter b 5 July < less than 50 yrs ago
    EMAIL: dguidry AT
    Ancestry DNA KIT #7J9A uploaded to FTDNA (#9855) and joined the Glisson DNA Project.
    *Note—William Wiley Glisson Sr. has a connection to G-68 in the Glisson DNA Project. He appears in Lineage II. Please encourage people to do the Ancestry test and transfer their results to FTDNA and then join the Glisson DNA project to help us solve our Glisson mysteries!

  52. 1. Thomas Hughes, b. c. 1799 Rathnacreeva, Rosslee, Co. Mayo, died 21 Apr 1870 Rathnacreeva, Rosslee, Co. Mayo
    2. Martin Hughes, b. 30 Nov 1841 Rathnacreeva, Rosslee, Co. Mayo, died 22 Aug 1921 Carrowhall, Co. Mayo, m. Mary Anne Hughes (different branch Hughes family)
    3. John Hughes, b.5 Aug 1873 Rathnacreeva, Rosslee, Co. Mayo, died 9 Jul 1962 Castlebar, Co. Mayo, m. Mary Anne Prendergast
    4. FH (father)
    5. GH-5061
    email hughes.gerry AT

  53. James Gleeson
    Patrick Gleeson b. ~1851 m. Catherine Donoghue 4 Feb 1872
    James Patrick Gleeson b. 4 March 1878 Rathcormack, Cork, Ireland m. Ellen Sullivan 4 October 1911
    James Paul Gleason b. 10 October 1914 Hartford, CT, USA m. Hellen Sweeney 23 Oct 1946
    Mark Eugene Gleason b. 21 May 1954 West Hartford, CT, USA
    email gleason.laura AT

  54. Cornelius Gleeson b. Carrowkeale County Tipperary 1810 m. Bridget Mullen 1836 Newport Parish, County Tipperary. d. 1878 Melvin, MI USA

    Patrick Gleeson b. 1839 Carrowkeale County Tipperary m. Johanna McGlaughlin 1863 Stratford, Ontario, Canada d. 1914 Port Huron, MI USA

    Robert Gleason b. 1872 Melvin, MI m. Mary Ellen Kenny 1899 Brockway, MI. d. 1931 Melvin, MI

    Matthias Gleason b. 1902 Melvin, MI m. Edna Bennett 1931 Port Huron, MI d. 1949 Port Huron, MI

    G Gleason (Father)

    email mgleason AT
    Ancestry DNA KIT # is unknown how would I find this?

  55. 1) James Gleeson b. circa 1762; m. Mary McNamara
    2) John Gleeson b. bef 1792 m. Margaret (Peggy) Harty
    3) Timothy Gleeson b. 1827 Cooleen, Tipperary; died 1885, Cullahill, Glenkeen, Tipperary. m. Mary Quinlan.
    4) Catherine (Kate) Gleeson b. 1862, Cullahill, Glenkeen, Tipperary; died after 1911 Upperchurch, Tipperary; m. Edmond Kennedy
    5) Catherine Kennedy b. 1897 Upperchurch, Tipperary; died 1963, Upperchurch, Tipperary; m. Daniel Lee
    6) E Lee (Father)
    7) MM-5048
    email: clare1980 at
    Online tree at Ancestry. Email for an invitation.

  56. Marjorie Gleeson Cutting 6/3/2020

    1. John Gleeson b c1818, County Kerry, Ireland d before 1863 in London. married 21 May 1838, Mary Connelly,St George, Bloomsbury, London

    2. John Gleeson b 1839 St. Pancras, Middlesex England. d 1901 Middlesex England. Married 24 May 1863 to Ellen Elizabeth Pooley, St. Pancras Middlesex England.

    3 John Gleeson b 1864 St. Pancras Middlesex England. Married 25 Dec 1891 to Ada Louise Kate Liggitt, Clapham, Surrey, England

    4 Henry Thomas Gleeson b 24 Dec 1902, Shoreditch, London England. Married 12 Nov 1902 Edith Lilian Palmer, Camberwell, Surrey, England

  57. Sean Michael Gleason -- sean.gleason55 AT

    1) Michael GLEESON b c1854 Cranahurt, Kilmore, Co. Tipperary, m Mary RYAN
    2) John J. GLEESON b 11 Nov 1874 Goulreagh or Silvermines, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, d Buffalo NY, United States. m Mary Long
    3) Thomas GLEASON b 1910 Lancaster NY, d Erie County, NY, m Eileen SCHAEFER

    1. forgot to mention... tree is on

  58. James Gleeson abt 1840, Ireland (named on son Patrick's Carlow marriage certificate and noted as deceased)
    Patrick Gleeson, 1863ish (age based on 1901 and 1911 Census's) married Johanna Dillon Carlow, Ireland in 1883
    Johanna Gleeson Bray, Ireland 1896-1941 (died in Dublin)
    Elizabeth Milne (Dublin 1921-Toronto 2010)
    My Father (Dublin 1951-present)
    Me (Toronto 1969-present)

  59. James Gleeson, Born c1815-30, Tintern, Co Wexford, Ireland,

    John Gleeson, Born about 1844, Tintern, Co Wexford, Ireland

    Rebecca Scanlan, Born 1853, County Kerry, Ireland Married John Gleeson

    John Gleeson Born 7 October 1869, Tintern, Co Wexford, Ireland, Died 28 June 1886, Co Kerry, Ireland

    Mary Anne (Marion) Gleeson, Born 3rd April 1974, New Ross, Wexford, County Wexford, Ireland, Died 1854 Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland, Married Andrew Gleeson, 1901, Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland

    Bridget Gleeson, Born 3 April 1874, Croom, County Limerick, Ireland.

    John Gleeson, Born 7 October 1875, Carrickbyrne, New Ross, Wexford, County Wexford, Ireland,

    Rebecca Miriam Gleeson, Born 4 June 1877, Tagoat, Wexford, Ireland, Died 20 June 1917, Durham County, England, United Kingdom, Married William Henry Wilson, June 1898, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

    Lucy Ellen Gleeson, Born 10 February 1879, Tagoat, Wexford, Ireland

    Patrick Gleeson , Born 1879, Co. Clare, Ireland, Died 1965, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland

    Michael Gleeson, Born 1885, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland

    Andrew Gleeson born 1867, County Limerick, Ireland, Died 1951, Limerick City Ireland, Married Mary Anne (Marion) Gleeson, Limerick, Ireland 1901

    Maurice Gleeson, Born 1903, Limerick City, Ireland,

    Mary Gleeson Born 1906, Limerick City, Ireland, Died 1994, Dublin Ireland

    Hester Gleeson Born 1911, Limerick City, Ireland, Died 1998, Dublin Ireland

    Andrew Gleeson, Born 1913, Limerick City, Ireland, Died 1992, Dublin Ireland, Married Anne Dinneen, Dublin 1955.

    Anne Dinneen, Born 1926, Charlivlle Co Cork, Died 2000, Dublin Ireland, Married Andrew Gleeson Dublin 1955

    JG-1715, e-mail:

  60. 1. Michael Gleeson, b ? Ireland m Mary UNKNOWN D.1849 Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland
    2. Ann Honorah Gleeson b1814, Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland d. 1888 Hill End, NSW, Australia m John Hogan 1834 Ireland.

    Researcher: SR
    Email: miashome1 AT
    Kit # ST 6300
    TR 8991
    KO 8446

  61. Austin Gilbert

    1.James Gleeson b1886 Drumineer Tipperary d 1958 Cragg, Birdhill, Tipp. married Winifred (Una) Ryan b 1897 married 29 April 1915 in Ballyhane, Tipperary. d 1942 Cragg, Birdhill, Tipp. had 12 children.

    2 Nora Winifred Gleeson (Gilbert) b1915. Ballyhane, Tipp. d1971 London England married Daniel Gilbert b 1918 Knockanure Wexford. d 2007 Windsor, Ontario

    3 Austin Gilbert b 1942 Kilburn, London

    FTDNA 227402

  62. My Gleeson’s/Gleason’s
    Kit Number EJ7319046
    Researcher: LMA

    Jeremiah Gleeson (abt. 1800–1878)-- married Honora Dooley (1794-1881) about 1825, Laois Ireland. So far 1 Child Baptism Place-Laois, Offerlane, Ireland-Diocese-Ossory Death: abt. 1878 • England (not verified) ? Ireland 3rd great-grandfather

    Timothy Gleeson (1827–1907) married Mary England (1814-1906) Mar 7 1848 • Ireland, To my research, so far 3 Children Birth: 4 Feb 1827 • Drom, Tipperary, Ireland Death: Mar 1907 • Ireland 2nd great-grandfather

    Timothy J Gleeson (1859–1934) married Catherine T McGlynn (Spelled McGlyson on record), 13 Jan 1884 • St Peters Catholic Church Manhattan County New York County. 6 Children Birth: 6 APR 1859 • Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Death: 22 MAR 1934 • Queens, New York, USA great-grandfather

    Joseph Aloyisius Gleason (1884–1950) married Mary (Mamie) Doherty 2 Jul 1917 • New York City, New York, USA 3 Children Was Baptized Joseph Lawrence Gleason Birth: 26 Dec. 1884 • New York, New York County, United States of America Death: 28 Feb. 1950 • Jefferson, Schoharie County, New York, USA maternal grandfather
    Loretta Rose Gleason (1922–1999) married Louis J Burger (1915-1988) 15 Aug. 1942 • Queens, New York City, New York, United States. 3 Children Birth: 1 Apr. 1922 • Ridgewood, Queens, New York Death: 12 Apr. 1999 • Clayton, Stevens, Washington, United States Mother

    LMA ... Myself

  63. 1) William Gleeson, b. 1780-1990, Killenaule & Moyclass parish, County Tipperary, Ireland; died abt 1877, Ireland; m. Catharine Farrell, 1813, Killenaule, Tipperary, Ireland
    2) Michael Gleeson, b. 1818, Roan, Killenaule, Tipperary, Ireland; d. UNK; m. Mary Hennessey, 1840, Monslatt, Tipperary, Ireland
    3) James Michael Gleeson (later changed to Gleason), b 1854, Earlshill, Ballingarry, Tipperary, Ireland; d. 1935, Butte, MT; m. Mary Feely, 1884, Bloomington, IL (emigrated abt 1870)
    4) James Joseph Gleason, b. 1890, Bloomington, IL; m. Loretta O’Rourke, 1917, Dubuque, IA
    5) William James Gleason, b. 1918, Butte, MT; d. 1962, Butte, MT; m. Colleen Tierney, Butte, MT
    DG-7381, Email: danielpgleason at;
    Online tree at


  64. 1) Martin Gleason b. 1830’s Ireland. m. Annie Ryan
    2) James Stephen (?) Gleason b. 1857 Killaloe d. 1925 Bronx NY m. Annie Carrick (Carrig)
    3) James Stephen Gleason Jr. b. 1886 Killaloe d. 1981 Greenwich CT m. Letitia Haddock (Hayduck)
    4) John Martin Gleason b. 1907 New York d. xxxx m. Margaret Nicholson
    5) John Martin Gleason Jr. (father)
    6) MG - 4531
    Online tree ...