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MDKA Profile – John Gleeson 1832-1885 (G-21, N74958)


Name of MDKA:                    John Gleeson
Family nickname/agnomen:   ?McEvaddy or?Rabbit
Date & location of birth:         ?1832, Lackagh
Date & location of death:        1885, Shallee
Residence(s):                           Shallee (probably Shallee Upper & Lower, near to Longstone & Killoscully)
Occupation:                             Labourer
Other family occupations:       Teacher, Miner
Religion:                                  Catholic
Wife's name:                            Anne Gleeson
Date & location of birth:         1848, Shallee
Date & location of death:        1926, Ballyhourigan
When & where married:          1865, Ballynahinch
Sponsors at wedding:              not recorded
Order of children's birth:         Martin, Catherine (?Ruby Kathleen), Bridget, Timothy, Winifred, 
Order of children's birth:         Hanora, Patrick, Mary           
Possible father & mother:*     Martin & Bridget
Sponsors at baptisms:            
1) Pat Gleeson, Wenefrid Finey; 2) Patrick Gleeson, Anne Gleeson; 3) Michael Greene, Mary Gleeson; 4) ??; 5) ?John Gleeson; 6) Thomas McDonnell, Mgt Bevan; 7) ??; 8) John Ryan, Catherine Gleeson

DNA kit no:                            N74958
Project ID no:                         G21
DNA Tests taken:                   Y-DNA-111, FF, FMS, Big Y, Z255 Panel
Terminal Y-SNP sequence:     Z255 > Z16439/7 > BY2852 > A5629 > A5628 > Y16880
Closest match(es) ID no:        G64 & G57   
Place on the Lineage II tree:   Branch 6

Link(s) to online tree(s):
* based on naming convention

Supporting evidence & documentation

Name of MDKA: John Gleeson
  • See birth & baptism records of his children below. [1] They record the parents as John Gleeson & Anne Gleeson
Gleeson nickname/agnomen: ?McEvaddy or?Rabbit
  • Dad’s 1st cousin Liz thinks that the family nickname was MacEvaddy. This is a name from Northern Ireland. Apparently miners came to the area from Northern Ireland so maybe one of them was a McEvaddy. However, I have never encountered any such name in the records for the area.
  • When Dad and I visited the ancestral home of Anne Gleeson (back in 2012), the present owner of the house said that she thought she remembered seeing the nickname “Rabbit” on some of the deeds or other documentation relating to the purchase of her house. See blog post "What happened to the widow Anne Gleeson?
Date & location of birth: ?1832, Lackagh
  • Based on the fact that his parents may have been named Martin & Bridget, I found a possible baptism record in Lackagh, a neighbouring townland to Shallee. However, this may not be the correct one [2]
Date & location of death: 1885, Shallee
  • Death certificate found for a John Gleeson who died in Shallee aged about 50. The informant was ??? [3]
Residence(s): Shallee
  • It is not certain where in Shallee the family lived. Several children were born in Shallee, others in Longstone, and one in Killoscully, so it is assumed that the family lived in the townland of Shallee Upper & Lower (rather than in the neighbouring townlands of Shallee Coghlan or Shallee White). It has not been possible to find the family in Griffith’s Valuation or in any of the subsequent Cancelled Books, so John may not have been the head of the household, but rather the son or son-in-law of the head of the household. 
  • See blog post "What happened to the widow Anne Gleeson?
Occupation: Labourer
  • See birth & baptism records. [1]
Other family occupations: Teacher, Miner
  • His eldest son Martin was a Teacher in Co. Wicklow (Stratford-on-Slaney, & Baltinglass). 
  • His son Paddy was a Miner in Butte, Montana. He may have worked in the local mines in Sivermines.
Religion: Catholic
  • See birth & baptism records. [1]
Wife's name: Anne Gleeson
  • See birth & baptism records. [1] Also church marriage records from 1865 & 1895 - she remarried after his death to a Patrick Ryan (soldier) and lived in Maunsell’s Cottage in Ballyhourigan. [4,5]
Date & location of birth: 1848, Shallee
  • From Baptism record. [6] Her parents were Timothy Gleeson & Catherine Ryan, consistent with the naming convention predictions (see below) based on her children’s names (lending support to the notion that John’s parents were Martin & Bridget). Also, supportive data for her parents’ names and her siblings was obtained from US records & letters from her daughter (written from 1938-1942).
Date & location of death: 1926, Ballyhourigan
  • From death certificate. [7] No headstone found.
When & where married: 1865, Ballynahinch
  • From church marriage record. [4] No civil marriage record was ever found for either her 1865 or 1895 marriages.
Sponsors at wedding: not recorded
  • See church marriage record.
Order of children's birth: Martin, Catherine, Bridget, Timothy, Winifred, Hanora, Patrick, Mary
  • See birth & baptism records. [1]
Possible father & mother:* Martin & Bridget
  • See 1st son and 2nd daughter. His wife Anne’s parents are predicted to be Timothy & Catherine (2nd son & 1st daughter’s names) and subsequent records confirmed this.
Sponsors at baptisms:
  • See birth & baptism records of his children. [1]

Sources & References

[1] birth & baptism records of his children

No birth records found for Patrick but he appears in the 1901 & 1911 census.

[2] possible baptism record for John Gleeson

[3] death certificate for John Gleeson

[4] church marriage record of Anne Gleeson to John Gleeson (1865)

[5] church marriage record of Anne Gleeson to Paddy Ryan Soldier (1895)

[6] baptism record for Anne Gleeson 1848

[7] civil death certificate for Anne Gleeson 1926 (she remarried to Patrick Ryan Soldier)

Maurice Gleeson
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