Tuesday 22 November 2016

New DNA Results from the Clan Gathering

Back in August this year we had a very successful Gleeson Clan Gathering in and around Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, the heartland of Gleeson territory. You can view the various presentations of our Lecture Programme on the dedicated YouTube Channel here.

A gaggle of Gleeson's

Altogether, 35 people had their DNA tested at the Gathering and the last of the results are now in. Twenty seven people did the Family Finder test (autosomal DNA) and eleven did the Y-DNA test, nine of them Gleeson men. In addition, since the Gathering, three additional Gleason/Gleeson males have joined the project, bringing the total to twelve who have recently joined the Gleason/Gleeson ranks. 

Of these 12 men, one is a member of Lineage I (the English Gleason's), 8 belong to Lineage II (the North Tipperary Gleeson's) and 3 of them are currently ungrouped. Thus the vast majority of those who tested in Nenagh recently are all related to each other along their direct male line. Somewhere back in the dim and distant past they all share a common Gleeson patriarch in Tipperary.

These new results have expanded the numbers in Lineage II and currently we have 31 members in this group and in the next blog I will give an update on the current status of Lineage II together with an updated version of its Mutation History Tree (this is in essence a Descendancy Chart for the people in this group).

We also have Big Y data from 9 people within the Lineage II group and we will shortly be receiving the results of a tenth person (our Gathering Chairman, Michael G Gleeson). Thanks to the generosity of the people who have tested, the rest of the group has benefitted. The Big Y data has helped define the branching structure within the group and will help segregate all current and future group members into different subgroups or sub-branches within the overall Lineage II group. 

Based on the Big Y results so far, I have been making enquiries with YSEQ (another DNA testing company) about the feasibility of future cost-effective SNP testing for the group and the CEO Thomas Krahn has proposed a very streamlined approach. This will ultimately save a lot of money for group members and will help further define the finer branching structure within the group. In the next post, I will make specific recommendations for further testing for individual group members.

I'll also be writing a separate blog post about the autosomal DNA results (the Family Finder test). It turns out that many of the people who tested at the Gathering are related to each other! They are turning up in each others matches ... and I hear that people are having a lot of fun trying to figure out how they are related.

For now, all new members are encouraged to read these three essential Blog Pages and in particular, supply their Most Distant Known Ancestor (MDKA) information and Gleeson pedigree (you can simply email me with the information at mauricegleeson@doctors.org.uk) ... 

Maurice Gleeson
Nov 2016

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