Thursday 27 April 2017

Ordering the new Z255 SNP Pack

(Update 28 Apr 2017: fourteen (14) members of Lineage II ordered the new Z255 SNP Pack in the recent Sale. This means that 24 out of the 35 members of Lineage II have either done the Big Y test or the new Z255 SNP Pack. Thus SNP testing coverage of this group is 69%.)

The recently revised Z255 SNP Pack contains almost 50 SNP markers that are specific to Lineage II - the North Tipperary Gleeson's. The SNPs were identified from the results of the ten Big Y tests that were undertaken last year by members of Lineage II.

The SNP markers include 16 "Shared SNPs" and 30 "Private SNPs". The Shared SNPs are shared exclusively by the North Tipperary Gleeson's and by no one else in the world. The Private SNPs are currently only present in single individuals within Lineage II and no one else in the world. That will all change as other members of Lineage II order the new Z255 SNP Pack ... a lot of the Private SNPs will turn out to be "shared" with these new people (but will still be "Gleeson-specific").

Here are the SNPs in the revised Z255 SNP Pack with the Shared SNPs and Private SNPs highlighted in red and blue. The 3 pink SNPs are on the branch just above the Lineage II-specific SNPs and are shared with people called Carroll & McMahon:
New revised R1b - Z255 SNP Pack
Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree: Z255, A1154, FGC32916, BY1811, FGC32913, A430, Z16433, A5411, A1164, A1165, Z16950, Z17885, ZZ7_1, A1235, A1236, A1237, A1238, A1239, A1240, Z16429, Z18136, Z18138, BY581, Z17694, Z17695, BY582, ZZ9_1, Z16434, Z16438, BY2852, BY2854, BY2853, Z16437, CTS12583, Z16428, Z16435, BY2891, BY2573, BY2850, BY2680, BY2714, BY2718, BY2851, BY2893, BY2894, BY2849, A1163, A1242, A1247, A557, BY1551, BY1734, BY523, Z16417, Z16419, Z16432, Z16436, FGC32915, BY1796, BY2701, BY2721, A1367, A558, A660, A816, A817, BY1056, BY1127, BY848, FGC33024, FGC33025, FGC33027, FGC33028, FGC33029, FGC33030, FGC33031, FGC8077, Z16418, Z16420, Z16422, Z16423, Z16424, Z16426, Z16440, Z16441, Z16442, Z16444, Z16445, A1241, Z16427, A5625, BY3247, A1245, A6308, A6309, FGC32914, A1251, FGC39568, FGC39569, BY5705, BY5707, BY5708, BY5709, BY5706, BY5710, BY5711, BY5712, BY5713, BY5714*, Y16880, A5628, A5629, A5630, A5627, A5631, BY13452, BY13455, BY13456, BY13453, BY13454, BY13457, BY13458, BY13461, Y22342, A5905, BY13829, A12493, A12494
Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree: S23035, A476, A479, FGC32886, FGC32887, FGC32888, FGC33032, PF3759, Z18137, ZS7104, A13103, A13104, A13105, A13106, A13107, A13108, A13109, A13110, A13111, A13112, A13113, A13114, A13115, A13116, A13117, A13118, A13119, A13121, BY14188, BY14189, BY14190, BY14191, BY14193, BY14194, BY14195, BY14196, BY14197, FGC19590, FGC46742, BY1173

So far, six branches of the Lineage II Family Tree have been identified. Doing the test will allow you to be placed on one of these branches. It is highly likely that new branches will be discovered as more people do the new SNP Pack, and existing branches will probably develop sub-branches further downstream. In this way the branching structure of the Lineage II Family Tree will be further elucidated. 

This will also help the dating process for each branch. Currently the dates for each branching point are rather crude but as more people do the new SNP Pack, the information this provides sholuld allow more accurate date estimates for each branch and sub-branch. 

You can see the current version of the Lineage II Family Tree here.

note that the 5 sequential SNP names BY5710 to BY5714 in the SNP Pack correspond to the following SNPs on Branch A of the tree: Y18175, Y17989, Y17990, Y18176 & Y18177

Here are step-by-step instruction for how to order the new Z255 SNP Pack.

1. sign in to your FTDNA account

2. click on the blue Upgrade button (top right)

3. scroll down to Advanced Tests half-way down on the left & click on the blue Buy Now button

4. when the next page loads (it takes a while), in the Test Type box, click on the arrows and select SNP Pack from the drop down menu

5. when the next page loads, find the R1b-Z255 SNP Pack on the list (9th from the bottom) and click on the Add button on the right (note that the $89 is the Sale price - the normal price is $119)

6. when the next page loads, go back up to the top of the page and click on the orange Order Now button

7. in the pop-up window, ignore the red error message (Kit 123456 does not meet the prerequisites for R1b - Z255 SNP Pack ... ) & click on the blue button below it that reads: Order R1b-Z255 SNP Pack

8. click on the green Proceed to Checkout button and pay for it (note that the $89 is the Sale price - the normal price is $119)

Maurice Gleeson
April 2017


  1. Just received my SNP results, 611578 -previously private SNPs BY14189, BY14193, BY14194, BY14195 and BY 14197 have now become shared, so I take it Maurice that this confirms your prediction I would be Lineage II branch F and we will see what happens with branches etc once all the results are in? Very excited. Does "No cal" mean they dont have enough material to get a conclusive test result? Pete

    1. Great results, Pete!

      You do belong to Branch F, as predicted from your STR Signature (values of 10, 9, 9 & 17 for markers dys391, 459a, 459b, & 576 which are marker numbers 4, 14, 15, & 32 in your row of STR results).

      Not only that but you have split the block of 9 previously Private SNP markers in Branch F into two new blocks. There is now a new block of 5 Shared SNPs below A5631, leaving only (up to) 4 SNPs within the Private SNP Block for member G65 (MGG-371202).

      I'll write more about this in a blog post in the next week or so.

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