Wednesday 17 February 2016

Lineage II MHT - John Murphy's version

Apart from Alex Williamson's Big Tree version of the Mutation History Tree (MHT) for Lineage II (see previous post), there are several other versions and I'll cover each of these over the next several weeks. 

It is very important, and very helpful, that several different people are each offering their own interpretation of the same data and generating their own particular version of the tree based on their interpretation. One can compare the different versions and identify any differences in interpretation which in turn leads to discussion and an exchange of scientific rationales. Ultimately, this will lead either to a consensus opinion or to a qualified disagreement, with each party knowing and understanding the rationale behind the other party's position. So far, there have been no major differences in the various versions of the Lineage II MHT generated by the different people involved.

John Murphy's Z255 Mutation History Tree

The first alternative version is that by John Murphy. John is one of the Co-Administrators for the Z255 Haplogroup Project and all members of Lineage II are encouraged to join this particular project. The project has 566 members and is for anyone who has tested positive for the SNP Z255, as have the members of Lineage II. Below is a reminder of the abbreviated SNP progression for Lineage II:
R … > M269 > L150 > L23 > L51 > L151 > P311 > P312 > L21 > DF13 > ZZ10 > Z255 > Z16437/9 > Z16438 > BY2852/3/4 > A5629

Neal Downing is the group Administrator with John Murphy, Kim Fields and Mike Walsh as Co-Administrators.  They also run a very informative Yahoo Groups Mailing List (the Z255 and Subclades Forum) and again all Lineage II members are encouraged to join this as there are some very talented people involved in discussions on this list.

Below is the relevant portion of John's version of the tree. Lineage II members can be found in the lower left-hand side.

(click to enlarge)

The format of John's tree is different to Alex's version but it is based on the same data, with one important difference - Alex only includes NGS test results in his tree (i.e. Big Y, FGC tests, 1000 Genomes Project) but John also includes people who have undertaken single SNP tests and SNP Packs such as the Z255 SNP Pack, which was introduced by FTDNA late in 2015. This is most evident on the far right of the tree (orange box).

As a result, John's version of the tree contains more individuals than Alex's version.

Both versions only show the Shared SNPs that two or more people in the overall group have in common with each other - Unique SNPs are not shown in either version of the tree.

Maurice Gleeson
Feb 2016

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