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MDKA Profile – Thomas Gleeson 1834-1916 (G-54, 334030)


Name of MDKA                                   THOMAS GLEESON

Date & location of birth:                      c1834-1843        NENAGH, TIPPERARY, IRELAND

Date & location of death:                     24 SEPTEMBER 1916    NEW LYNN, AUCKLAND, NZ

Residence(s) based on birth, baptism, & marriage records:    

Occupation:                                          SOLDIER/PRIVATE, DAIRYMAN, MILKMAN, FARMER 

Other family occupations:                    (SON) BLACKSMITH, SOLDIER/TROOPER, FARMER

Religion:                                               ROMAN CATHOLIC

Wife's name:                                         CATHERINE JACKSON

Date & location of wife's birth:            c1850   INDIA

Date & location of wife's death:           23 APRIL 1933    BAYSWATER, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND

When & where married:                       5 MAY 1867         WAIUKU, NEW ZEALAND

Sponsors at wedding:

Children's birth order:   
1.   ANNIE CATHERINE (Thomas’s mother’s and wife’s name)
2.     ELIZABETH JANE     (Thomas’s wife’s mother/grandmother’s names)
3.     PATRICK              (Thomas’s father’s name?)   
4.     MARY
5.     CAROLINE AGNES    (Thomas’s wife’s sister's names)
6.     JAMES THOMAS      (James is Thomas’s wife’s father’s name)
7.     WINIFRED                                        (died in infancy)
8.     THOMAS WILLIAM                      (died in infancy)
9.     JOHN EDWARD JOSEPH           (died in infancy)

Possible name of father & mother           PATRICK and CATHERINE (O’NEILL)

Sponsors at children' baptisms (numbered, and in order of children's birth):

DNA kit number(s):         334030   YDNA 111
                                         333401   MtDNA and FF

Project ID number(s):      G-54

DNA tests taken:              SEE KIT NUMBERS ABOVE

Terminal Y-SNP sequence:

Closest match(es) ID No (with Genetic Distance in brackets): 
G73 (6); G51 (6); G39 (6); G57 (7); G55 (8); G66 (9)

Place on the Lineage II tree:   BRANCH 10

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE DOCUMENTATION (click here for digital copies)

Name of MDKA                    Army Attestation Record 1 Marriage Certificate 2 Death Certificate 3 and Children’s birth records4

Date & location of birth:               Army Attestation Record1, Marriage 2 and Death Certificates 3

Date & location of death:             Death Certificate 3                             

Residence(s):                                Marriage record 2  Children’s birth records 4        

Occupation:                                  Army attestation record 1. Children’s birth records4 Electoral Rolls 5

Other family occupations:            Army enlistment 6, Electoral Rolls7

Wife's name:                                 Marriage record 2

Date & location of wife's birth:    Her Death Certificate 8

Date & location of wife's death:   Her Death Certificate 8

When & where married:               Marriage certificate 2

Order of children's birth:              NZ Dept of Internal Affairs, official Birth Deaths and Marriage records 9

Possible name of father & mother   His Death Certificate 3

Closest match(es) ID No (with Genetic Distance in brackets):    FTDNA results (Dec 2015)

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